What to do if my PC does not recognize my Samsung mobile

My PC does not recognize my Samsung mobile

When free up storage space on a device An easy and free method is to copy all the multimedia files (photos and videos) that you have saved in the gallery, to a computer. Once everything is inside you can copy them to an external hard drive to always have them well saved. And what happens if My PC does not recognize my Samsung mobile?

Although on some occasions this error process may not allow us to carry out this process. What to do if your PC does not recognize the Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, Huawei or any other brand mobile, since the solution is the same or at least very similar between all of them.

Problems with the computer: it does not recognize my mobile

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Many users daily have the same problem: When you connect your devices to a PC so you can send or copy content, your Windows computer doesn't recognize your device.

Despite the fact that the recognition system that includes Microsoft hardware in Windows 10 has a very good performance, the truth is that on occasion it has already presented this problem of not recognizing the smartphone.

And it is that when a new device is connected to a computer, for the connection to work between both they must speak the same language.

A simple example to understand it better: sIf you only know how to speak Spanish and you travel to China or Germany (countries with languages ​​very different from Spanish), communication between you and the natives there will be impossible (although there is always the option of using Google Translate).

Well, with technology and information technology, exactly the same thing happens. If the smartphone that you connect to the computer does not work with the same language, they will never be able to understand each other. The solution to this is the drivers.

In the telephony sector, a large number of manufacturers include in their devices the possibility of downloading an application that allows you to manage the content that you have saved on your smartphone. This application is the one that has the necessary drivers for both devices to understand each other.

Possible solutions if your PC does not recognize the Samsung mobile

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And if despite Have the drivers downloaded and installed on the computer it still doesn't recognize the device, then you'll need to take other steps. For this reason, we show you below other possible methods that will get your device to recognize your phone.

Use the official cable

In the cable of many smartphones you can see a lump or cylinder, this has its explanation. It is an electromagnetic interference filter that will prevent interference and therefore energy loss during charging.

If you use a cable that is not official for this, and you have already used it before with other devices, then it is more likely to receive interference and therefore it will not work as it should.

But if you don't have the official cable then you should be very careful with the cable you use and place it in a specific position so that there is no interference between the two.

Restart the PC and your Samsung phone

The usual thing when you use a device a lot is that you regularly restart the device so that all functions continue to perform well. So if your computer does not recognize your smartphone, the first solution you should take is to restart your computer and also your smartphone.

Change the connection method

Once you connect your smartphone to the PC, you will see a menu in which there are different options, thanks to these you will be able to access all the content you have stored on your smartphone through the application that the manufacturer has included, access it as if it were a USB drive, as well as many other options.

If you want to change the way of connection between both devices, a very quick and viable option is to disconnect the smartphone from the cable and reconnect it. Once you do this you will see different options on the screen to establish the connection between the smartphone and the PC.

Warning triangle is displayed in device manager

One of the best methods offered by Windows to know if your computer recognizes your device or not, is using device manager.

In it you will see a yellow triangle of course in which it cannot work until you install the drivers. Entering the device manager is very simple, you just have to follow the steps that we mark below:

  • Inside the Windows search box type Control Panel and click on the first result that will appear.
  • Now click on System and security.
  • Then click on Security.
  • You will see in the left column the Device Manager section, click on it.

Options to connect your Android to the computer

Samsung Galaxy

Connection problems between your PC and your smartphone will prevent you from transferring content from one side to the other until you solve this problem.

As we told you before, a very simple and effective solution is to download, from the manufacturer's website, the official application that includes the necessary drivers.

I cannot establish ADB connection with my smartphone

To access your device through ADB when you want to make changes that could harm the integrity of the device, then you will need to enable USB debugging.

In order to get an ADB connection with the device you will first have to have USB debugging enabled. This menu is designed for advanced users or developers, and you can activate it by following these steps that we mark below:

  • First activate this menu for developers.
  • To do this you will have to go to the System menu and click on the Android version repeatedly (up to 7 times) to see a message indicating that the Developer Options / Developer Options menu has been activated.
  • When you are inside this menu you should look for the USB Debugging option and activate it. When you have already activated it, you can try again to connect the smartphone to the PC and press on the USB debugging mode.

USB options when connecting an Android to a PC

When you connect a smartphone to the PC for the first time, depending on the manufacturer you will be able to see a number of different options, these options sometimes have different names but really most of them offer you the same functions:


MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol. This function is designed so that you can transfer your photos and videos from your smartphone to your PC thanks to the official application included by the manufacturer.


PTP stands for Picture Transfer Protocol, another option that will allow you to transfer multimedia files between your smartphone and your computer. Once you connect the smartphone to the PC you will see the image of a camera, instead of the classic hard drive or storage unit icon.

When you click on this icon, the Windows wizard will appear, and then you can import all the files you want between the smartphone and the PC.

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