The 5 best launchers for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Launcher for Minecraft Android

With more than 10 years in the market, the number of Minecraft players keeps growing year after year. Every year, the most watched video game theme on YouTube is Minecraft. This success is largely due to the practically infinitive possibilities offered by this title that Microsoft bought in 2017.

This title is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox and also includes the cross-play function, which allows play with players from other platforms. However, not all platforms have the possibility to use other launchers for Minecraft.

What is the Minecraft launcher

If we go to the dictionary, we can translate launcher as launcher. A launcher is the application used by different video game studios to download updates and start the game in addition to being used to identify ourselves in the game with our account.

Although we can run the games without having to open the launcher, it opens automatically when we click on the shortcut of the game installed on our computer, launcher that also manages the detection of hacks on the computer, the anti-cheat.

While most games can only use the official launcher provided by the developer, other titles such as Minecraft or GTA V allow make use of third-party launcher, launcher that allows us to load textures, layers, plugins, mods and other extras for the game.

The possibility of using different launchers so that users can customize the game, has been since its launch, one of the most important sections of this title, since it allows users to personalize your gaming experience.

Developer: Mojang
Price: 7,99 €

On which devices can I install a Microsoft launcher

All the devices on which Minecraft can be played incorporate their own launcher, the Minecraft launcher. However, on consoles úYou can only use the official launcher, by not allowing the installation of third-party applications, although Microsoft does not prevent it.

On mobile devices, on Android we have a large number of launchers to customize our game experience in the Minecraft cube world. If you want to know what the best launcher for Minecraft Pocket Edition, I invite you to keep reading.

Best launcher for Minecraft

Launcher PE for Minecraft

Launcher Tlauncher minecraft Android

TPLauncher allows us to enjoy Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android using add-ons, textures, skins, maps, seeds ... content that is expanding every week, so the possibilities they offer us are practically endless.

If you want to build with one click, in TP Launcher you will find all kinds of constructions, add a wide variety of enemies, objects ... anything that comes to mind is available to you through this application.

In addition, it also allows us download maps already created with ambitious architectural constructions, survival maps, fantastic textures ... Obviously it is necessary to have the Minecraft PE application on the device to be able to use it.

Although the application is available for download free of charge, in order to take full advantage of it, it is necessary to make use of a subscription, subscription that can be monthly, quarterly or yearly.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Block Master for Minecraft


With Block Master you can find maps, add-ons, skins, buildings, textures and seeds every week. It provides us with maps designed for survival and adventure, creative maps, mini-game and parkour maps as well as maps for PVP and To play hide and seek.

In addition, it allows us to customize our maps by adding plants, hills, cities, houses, flying islands, police, bandits, redstone… It also includes a constructor of houses and buildings with a single click with which we can also build vehicles, helicopters, medieval castles.

It also includes a large number of mods for weapons, cannons, transport vehicles, furniture, camouflage and superhero skins, monster skins, celebrities, robots, anime and a large number of texture and shading packs to give a more realistic touch to the game.

Block Master for Minecraft is one of the applications most valued in the Play store for as a game launcher and for the large number of mods, skins and others that it includes.

This application is available for your download for free, includes ads and purchases through monthly or annual subscriptions.

Maps, Skins for Minecraft PE
Maps, Skins for Minecraft PE

Toolbox for Minecraft:PE

Toolbox for Minecraft

Toolbox for Minecraft is another interesting option to consider if you are looking for a launcher for Minecraft PE. With this launcher you can manage your world, create potion effects, enchant items, see the most valuable blocks with X-Ray mode, enable Fullbright mode to see in the darkness of the caves, teleport ...

More than a launcher, Toolbox looks like a hack tool. This app is available for free download, includes ads and in-app purchases.

master for minecraft

Master for Minecraft

Master For Minecraft allows us to access hundreds of skins, maps, textures and more with one click with which we can get the most out of the Pocket edition of Minecraft for Android.

The application offers us a very simple and easy interface to learn, puts at our disposal more than 3.000 resources of all kinds, including constructions, skins, textures and others.

Each available element includes a complete description so that we know at all times what the resources offers us that we can find this application that, application that we can download for free, includes ads, but no in-app purchases.

With an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 possible, Master for Minecraft is, at the request of users, the best launcher currently available for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Master For Minecraft - Mods
Master For Minecraft - Mods
Developer: StokeApps
Price: Free



BlockLauncher is a launcher for Minecraft PE that allows us to use mods, textures, skins and others that previously we have copied on our device, since it does not offer us a library where we can download new content.

As we can see in the description of the application, this application does not work properly on devices managed by Android Jelly Bean. On some devices Samsung with the Knox feature and other security measures, it is likely to have malfunctions.

BlockLauncher is available for your download for free, includes ads, but no in-app purchases. The app only works with the full version of Minecraft PE, not the free trial version.

Developer: Zhuowei Zhang
Price: Free

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