The best Mobile Legends heroes: Bang Bang and their ranks

Mobile Legends

In recent years, MOBA-type games that we could usually only find for PC have landed on mobile devices, with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang being one of the most popular. The problem we are faced with with this title is that it's not easy to play if you do not have previous knowledge.

If you want to know what are the Heroes and Ranks in Mobile Legends: Bang BangIn this article we are going to solve all your doubts so that you can start enjoying this fantastic game that is available for download for free but includes in-app purchases.

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How to play Mobile Legens: Bang Bang

Map Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, our mission is crush our opponent to achieve the final victory through 5vs5 battles in real time against real opponents overcoming 3 enemy lines.

Not only do we have to learn to attack, but we also have to know the methods to block enemy damage, heal our companions ... The winners and losers of the games are based on the strategy and skills of the players, not only in the characters that we use.

The games have a maximum duration of 10 minutes, so it is ideal for those idle moments that we have throughout the day, while we go to work or study center, when we take the dog for a walk ... we can achieve victory anywhere and at any time.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Developer: Moonton
Price: Free

Best Mobile Legends Heroes: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends

The first thing we must do when accessing the game for the first time is to create our team from among the more than 70 heroes that the game offers us. The heroes are classified into 6 categories, each of them having a specific mission on the battlefield. But What are the best heroes of MObile Legends?

If you have tired of trying different combinations and you have not just found one that allows you to win most of the battles, then we will show you which are the best heroes among the 6 available categories: shooters, magicians, tanks, fighters, assassins and props.

There are only a few few free Mobile Legends heroes (We have to unlock most of them through battle points, which you will earn by playing the game, or by using diamonds that you buy in the store).

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Typically, new Mobile Legends heroes are stronger and more expensive, to incite you to spend the coins How much has it cost you to win? Obviously, the more money you invest in a character, the greater his abilities will be and he will be much more valuable in battles.

Instead of spending hours studying the stats of Mobile Legends heroes and testing each of the heroes for yourself, we have compiled a list so that you can enter to use with the strongest and most affordable characters available in this title.

Best Mobile Legends shooters

Heroes Mobile Legends

Shooting Heroes in Mobile Legends are characters that deal a high amount of damage from a distance. They are very eeffective when demolishing towers and they become more and more powerful in the later phases of the game. It is crucial that you keep an eye on your positioning as a marksman and be careful around stronger opponents early in the game, as you may not yet have the means to escape or retaliate.


Thanks to his ability that further enhances the damage that it performs, is ideal for taking down enemies in the distance without them barely noticing.


Claude create holograms of your character to deceive enemies, and, like Moskov, his ability allows him to do more damage allowing him to even take out more than one enemy with a single shot.

Best Mobile Legends wizards

Magicians are powerful spell casters They use their abilities to deal bursts of magic damage, while also providing crowd control. They tend to be especially soft and are priority targets for the opposing team.


Either short or medium distance, Harith is ideal for steal special attacks opposing magicians, rendering one of the other team's components useless, thus reducing the battle to 5v4.


The possibility of transport to any part of the map To attack by surprise is one of the best virtues of this character.

Best Mobile Legends tanks

Heroes Mobile Legends

The tanks are strong and aggressive with a large pool of health and a number of abilities to protect his companions and block enemies, although his damage is low compared to other Mobile Legends characters.


This character's armor it is increased as the game progresses, which allows him to be a very important defensive element to take into account, especially in the final phases of the battle.

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Thanks to the jumping ability, you can slow down enemies and thus be able to finish them taking less damage. We can also use this character as a support hero.

Best Mobile Legends Fighters

Heroes Mobile Legends

Combatants are ranged melee characters who have a flexible and balanced skill set to offer a team. Their damage increases over time and they are relatively tough, although not as robust as tanks, they can adapt to whatever situation the team needs.


As the battle intensifies, the power of this hero increases and thanks to his ability you can get rid of all enemies temporarily for the rest of your team to attack without mercy.


Leomord is ideal both when attacking and defending, being a ideal joker for all types of players.

Best Mobile Legends killers

Heroes Mobile Legends

As the name suggests, the Assassin class is focused on taking down vulnerable enemies. They are challenging to play as they tend to be fragile and require skillful execution of skills to hunt down their prey. Its high burst damage must target the right targets to tip the balance in your team's favor.


Scrolls quickly throughout the map thanks to his abilities as well as generating a large amount of damage in each fight.


Lancelot is ideal for short distances, being able to do a large amount of damage to one or more enemies in each attack.

Best Mobile Legends Props

Heroes Mobile Legends

As its category describes well, the support staff is oriented towards heal the troops and help them in whatever is necessary, arriving in most cases to have to sacrifice their life, since they do not have special abilities that can change the course of a battle.


Diggie is ideal for stun enemies and let the rest of the heroes do their job: kill them. We can use both in defense and in attack.


This support hero adds a additional shield  to all companions in addition to allowing to increase the damage they do at certain times.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Ranks

Ranks in Mobile Legends

Any game worth its salt, not just MOBA-type games, must offer a system of player ranking. That is, it describes how good a player is and how far he is capable of going.

Ranks in Mobiles Legends: Bang Bang are divided into 8 categories:

  • Guerrero. Within the Warrior range are the divisions:
    • Warrior III
    • Warrior II
    • Warrior I
  • Elite. Within the Elite rank are the divisions:
    • Elite IV
    • Elite III
    • Elite II
    • Elite I.
  • Teacher. Within the Master rank are the divisions:
    • Master IV
    • Maestro iii
    • Master II
    • Master I

Ranks in Mobile Legends

  • Great teacher. Within the Grand Master rank are the divisions:
    • Grand Master IV
    • Grand Master III
    • Grand Master II
    • Grand Master I
  • Epic. Within the Epic range are the divisions:
    • Epic IV
    • Epic III
    • Epic ii
    • Epic I
  • Legend. Within the Legend range are the divisions:
    • Legend IV
    • Legend III
    • Legend II
    • Legend I
  • Mythical. There are no divisions within this range.
  • Mythical Glory. Only the top 50 players from each server are found in this rank.

Players of each rank, only fight against players of the same rank. If you are Elite rank 4, you will never be paired with Warriors I or Mythics or Legends II, for example.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Rank Rewards

Victory Mobile Legends

In addition to appearance reward of the ranked season, players will also receive some in-game loot based on their division at the end of the ranked season.

  • Warrior I, II, II
    • 100 bonds
    • 1.000 battle points
    • 1x Premium Skin Fragment
  • Elite I, II, III, IV
    • 200 bonds
    • 2.000 battle points
    • 3x Premium Skin Fragment
  • Master I, II, III, IV
    • 300 bonds
    • 4.000 battle points
    • Exclusive seasonal skin
  • Grandmaster I, II, III, IV
    • 600 bonds
    • 7.000 BP
    • Exclusive seasonal skin
  • Epic I, II, III, IV
    • 1000 bonds
    • 12.000 battle points
    • Exclusive seasonal skin
  • Legend I, II, III, IV
    • 1500 bonds
    • 20.000 battle points
    • Exclusive seasonal skin
  • Mythical
    • 1500 bonds
    • 20.000 battle points
    • Exclusive seasonal skin
    • Mythic Battle Emote (100 days)
  • Mythical Glory
    • 1500 bonds
    • 20.000 battle points
    • Exclusive seasonal skin
    • Mythic Battle Emote (100 days)

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