These are the most expensive NFTs in history

More expensive NFT

It is increasingly common to hear in the news about the sale of some NFT, which has since been sold for millions of dollars. Seen by many as an investment of interest, in the past year we have heard or read many about them. Additionally, some have sold for record numbers. That's why we've collected some of the most expensive NFTs ever in this article.

It seems that the prominence or interest in this topic is growing, so it is good to know more about it. Especially since surely in the coming weeks or months millionaire sales will be closed in this regard. Since they are not only works of art in some cases, but some tweets are already being sold as an NFT for impressive amounts.

so we leave you with some of the most expensive NFTs in history so far. There may be some that are already familiar to you, as many have made many headlines. Before talking about these NFTs sold for large amounts of money, we will first tell you what they really are, in case you are not sure about this topic.

What are NFTs

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token., which we can translate as Non-Fungible Token. These acronyms define something that is not physical, that is usually digital and that represents something unique. It is something unique, which is impossible to exchange or replicate. This is one of the reasons why many pay millions of euros or dollars to have one of these NFTs in their property, because it is something that is unique on paper.

The bubble has grown remarkably in the past year. This is something that we have been able to see in the figures that have been paid for some of them, which have caused this list of the most expensive NFTs to grow remarkably. A list that we talk about next.

The most expensive NFTs

The prices paid for them have been increasing notably in the past year, so in many cases we will see some recent ones. In addition, there are more and more options in this regard, even tweets are already sold as an NFT. So we can soon expect a greater variety of NFTs in this type of listing. We leave you for now with some of these most expensive NFTs sold so far.

The Merge

This is currently the most expensive NFT in history, which was sold at a price of about 91,8 million dollars. What is interesting in this case is that we are dealing with an NFT that was divided into 312.686 fragments, which were then bought by approximately 29.000 collectors around the world. So it is a somewhat different format or concept, as it is not only one person who has paid this enormous amount of money for it.

It is a work created by the artist Pak, which ultimately sold it using the Nifty Gateway platform. For now it remains the most expensive, but seeing how this market is evolving, it would not be strange if it loses this position shortly.

The First 5000 Days

More expensive NFT

Beeple, the stage name of Michael Winkelmann, is one of the most popular and best-selling NFT creators. In second position we find this work, which for many months has been the most expensive NFT in history, but that has finally been unseated. This is also an important work for the artist, because it contains all the works that he has done in the last 13 years.

The Beeple name is one of the best known in this market segment. Furthermore, after having sold this work, which he sold to a price of 69 million dollars, the artist launched his own NFT market ( For what he has known how to take advantage of this sale.


Also in third position we find Beeple, who sold this work in November of last year and it has already been crowned as the third of the most expensive NFTs in history. It is a changeable NFT, which the artist also managed to sell through Christies, as can be seen in the video. We find ourselves before a 3D sculpture at a 1:1 scale, which shows us an astronaut.

This is a work that has been sold at a price of 28,9 million dollars. It represents a notable decrease compared to the other Beeple work in second position, but enough to be on this podium. In addition, the artist has commented that he will update the design of this work at will throughout his life. Therefore, we will be able to see how it changes over time, although it will never be known when a change will occur in it.

 CryptoPunks #7804, #4156 and #7523

CryptoPunk # 7804

The CryptoPunk series is one of the most popular among NFT collectors. In fact, we can see three of these works in the following positions of the most expensive NFTs in history. These images have been all the rage for some time and have each sold for huge amounts of money, making them highly sought after works. In this case we have compiled three works, the most expensive have been sold in this regard.

Cryptopunk #7523 is Larva Labs' highest-grossing NFT to date, codenamed Covid Alien, which has been sold at a price of 11,7 million dollars. The one with number #4156 refers to Bored Ape, the other collectible firm with which CryptpPunks competes, while number #7804 is another of the most popular in this market segment and was sold for 7,57 million, which It is what you can see in the photo. These NFTs are still very well known and popular, so when a new one is released or discovered, millions of dollars are usually moved to buy it, as you can see.

Xcopy: 'Right-click and Save As guy'

One of the most recent NFTs that have already crept into this list of the most expensive in history. It has earned the artist xcopy to pocket more than seven million dollars in this way, specifically 7,09 million dollars is the amount for which this NFT was sold a couple of months ago. It is an NFT that answers users' question, "Why buy it if I can make right click and save as?

An NFT looking to have some humor and that some also see as a criticism of the madness in this market, especially because of the enormous amounts of money that are currently moving in it, but ironically (or not) it has crept into this list as well. It is in the seventh position of the most expensive NFTs sold so far, although it would not be strange if it loses positions in this list over the months.

Art Blocks: Ringers #109

The ART Blocks Project has been active in this market segment for some time, but none of his works have been as successful as this one. We are also facing a piece that has been created using the regenerative art technique, which may sound familiar to some. This is a technique where artificial intelligence is combined with sequences that the artist himself has chosen. So the result is this work, in this case with continuous circles or rings.

It is not a well-known name or work, but it has managed to make a hole in the list of the most expensive NFTs sold so far. He stays in position number eight, in his case having been sold at a price of 6,93 million dollars, which is not bad at all. While they are likely to lose this position soon, seeing how this market moves.


Beeple once again has a work on this list of the most expensive NFTs in history, in this case in ninth position. Crossroads is a work that has been talked about a lot, since it was designed to change depending on who was the winner in the presidential elections in the United States in November 2020. As Biden was the winner, in the work we can see the naked body of Trump, defeated on the ground, covered by graffiti of all kinds.

The price that this work reached was not something initial, these 6,6 million dollars that it has generated They have now been after a resale. But the popularity of NFTs on the market, as well as Beeple's popularity as an artist, have helped their price rise dramatically at the time. For what has been known to do with a gap in this list of the most expensive NFTs. In addition, it should not be ruled out that in a future resale its price will increase again, nothing unusual seeing this market.

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