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Among Us

Among Us is a day of one of the most addictive and fun titles From this moment, so much so that many well-known Youtubers have given a great push to the title developed by InnerSloth. The best thing about that is that we do not control whether we fall into one of the two sides, the crew or the impostors.

But before starting the game we can complete part of the configuration, either choose a color for your person or change the name and choose an appropriate one for each of the games. Many times choosing one is quite complicated, so we offer you 100 names for Among Us quite original.

Use a different name in each game

Different names for each game in Among Us

If you always have the same name, you can always be pointed out by some people, sometimes it is best to choose one per game or choose a funny one. The best thing is to have one that goes with you and to be one of the impostors to go unnoticed.To do this, try to get the kills done without anyone present.

If you enter games from unknown servers, try to speak as little as possible, try to avoid being the suspect or in the case of having seen something give away the person you have seen. Always look at the color and go to it by the name or alias chosen.

How to change your name

Rename Among Us

If you do not know how to change the name, we will explain the step by step so that every time you want you have a striking nickname, since your name can simply be busy or boring. In our case we always choose one of these freely and have a good time in whatever room.

  • Open the Among Us game
  • Once open, go to Online and click on Player
  • Now inside choose the name you want from the list that we show you below, the maximum of characters allowed is 10
Among Us
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Funny names in Among Us

Funny Names Among Us

Many are the funny names that we can choose, among them are:

  • I'll kill you
  • I'll get you
  • It was me
  • You vote me
  • I am not
  • I did not go
  • Is he
  • Is the other
  • Faker
  • The impostor
  • Detective
  • Sospechoso
  • The Polisia
  • Butler
  • Ass
  • Your mother
  • Fart

Those 17 names are joined others such as:

  • Potato
  • The Malote
  • Your daddy
  • noob
  • Dummy
  • Innocent
  • Anonymous
  • Bastardo
  • Anyone
  • Dumb
  • You carry
  • Assassin
  • Alien
  • flipao,
  • Shut up
  • ProGamer
  • Do not name yourself
  • You did not
  • nomepillas
  • Runner
  • Stutterer

Names of video games, series and other popular

Goku among us

You can also choose to choose a name from a video game, series and some quite popular, this will make you the otaku of the group, at least those think a lot. We show you several options that can come in handy if you play Among Us often very often on mobile or PC.

Of video game characters you could opt for Ezio, Sonic, Link, Kratos, Naruto, Zelda, Lara Croft, Spyro, Samus Aran, Solid Snake, Luigi or Mario. From series and other popular ones we can choose that of Iron Man, Arya, Doctor Who, Sora, Goku, Voldemort, Heisenberg, Homer, Darth Vader, Dexter, Wall-E, Rambo, Terminator, Totoro, Spyro and Django.

Names with double meanings

Nasi Jew among us

If you want to have a good time, another option is to choose a name with a double meaning.This will be good for you to have a laugh with your friends, acquaintances or even with people you are playing for the first time. In this case, there are many names that come to mind to use and they would be the following:

Ana Tomia, Lola Mento, Mario Neta, MarciAna, AitorTilla, ZoilaCerda, PacoMerlo, Tomas Cao, Elsapato, Deboramelo, IgorDito, Elena Nito, ElvisTek, Elba Lazo, Paca Garte, Soila Cerda and Date Lavuelta.

Names for couples


In the case of playing as a couple with someone, here you can coordinate to choose one of the two to go to the game, since not doing so will not be very funny. In the case of doing it with people you know, you can agree and choose an appropriate one, since you are going to stand out in the room where you get to play

Among the selectable names you can choose between: Vampire / Blood, Beauty / Beast, Atheist / God, James / Bond, Carrot / Vegan, Little Red Riding Hood / ElLobo, DonPepito / DonJosé, Jesús / Judas, Batman / Joker, KillBill / Bill, TengoBovio / SoyElNovio, Cheetos / Doritos, CocaCola / Pepsi, Paga / Fantas, Jak / Daxter , Shrek / Donkey and Frank / Einstein.

Among Us
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Names called trolls

Trolls among us

If you want to take the players out of context a bit, it is best that you choose a troll name, you will attract someone's attention and you will always be in the pillory to be banned. If they are very suspicious of one, perhaps the name invites them to be the most voted to leave each of the maps.

Among them you can choose the following: "Who", "It's my Mom", "Where", "What happened", "I saw it", "It was him (add color)", "It's him (add color)", (Insert name) is not. In the color you can put the one you prefer to stand out from other members of the ship, whether you are a Crew Member or Imposter you will be the center of attention.

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