New AI features on YouTube

AI features on Youtube

That artificial intelligence is here to stay, no one doubts it at this point. In fact, you don't have to be a technological guru to realize that this technological advance is increasingly having a greater presence in our day to day. It is true that AI is not something new, but that does not mean that its technical leap has been overwhelming in recent years. So much so that many experts have not even hesitated to question its virtues and warn of the danger it poses. What kind of danger? That depends on who you ask, from those who predict an inevitable loss of jobs, to those who speak directly of the end of humanity, at least as we know it. But beyond the controversies, which are and will continue to give people something to talk about, there are many companies that are already betting heavily on artificial intelligence, including YouTube itself. That's why in this article We are going to talk about some of the new AI features on YouTube, and how they will affect the users themselves..

As you can see for yourselves, it seems that the well-known platform will go little by little, but playing it safe, with some interesting innovations and adapted to the times and the supposed needs that run.

AI features on YouTube for users

AI features on Youtube

We said that AI is not something new, and this can be applied to YouTube itself. But since no one wants to be left behind in the technological race that has just begun, YouTube has already detailed some of its upcoming features. In theory, to make life even easier for the millions of users who use this service every day. And how? Well, first of all, concentrating more on the interests of the public, personalizing YouTube more if possible according to the preferences of each person.

In other words: among the new functions of the AI ​​in Youtube will highlight the ability to summarize your videos automaticallyto. At first, it may seem somewhat unnecessary, since many of the videos that are hosted on YouTube are not necessarily long. But keep in mind that everything on the Internet is increasingly immediate. Considering the data for permanence in a video (or a website, a piece of news, whatever), it is surprising how little people endure keeping their attention constant on something. With AI, YouTube wants summaries to be accessible to anyone on both the search and watch pages.

At first, it may seem like a complex matter, but when it comes down to it, it will be much simpler than it sounds. Basically it will consist of improving the description of what is going to be seen before doing so. Descriptions that, as YouTube has been quick to clarify, will not leave aside those signed by the content creators, but rather, so to speak, will complement them.

Machine translation, YouTube's big bet

AI features on Youtube

At this point, it is necessary to live in a cave to not know many of the actions that current and future artificial intelligences will carry out (or are already carrying out). Beyond improving technological services or creating fast and effective content, one of the most popular has been related to translations. Something in which it seems that YouTube has paid very much attention, and in which it seems that it is concentrating its efforts to a great extent.

And what practical sense will this breakthrough make exactly? Well, the AI ​​functions on YouTube will allow you to automatically translate the videos hosted in the application. How many times have we not come across an interesting video but that we were not able to understand because it was in another language? YouTube intends to put an end to it and, as always happens with AI, without wasting a second. If applied precisely and effectively, it could really mark a before and after in the use of YouTube, in many ways.

For example, You should not only follow content creators with whom you share a language, but anyone from any corner of the world. Perhaps one more step in the globalization proposed by the Internet, if seen with some perspective.

As expected, both this and other Youtube AI features will be free. But specifically, the technology that will allow any YouTube video to be translated at the moment with synthetic voices is positioned at the forefront of what's new on the platform. So much so, that it even already has a name. Those responsible for YouTube have baptized the service as Aloud. The truth is that it will be necessary to be very attentive, because surely it gives a lot to talk about in the coming months. However, as it seems to be the case with all things AI, there is also a less gentle side.

The controversy with the functions of YouTube's AI

AI features on Youtube

Earlier we talked about the controversies that have arisen around AI and its possible dangers. Actually, many times you don't have to look very far to find issues that are being quite talked about, and YouTube's AI functions have also been peppered by them. The instant translation by the AI ​​tool known as Aloud sounds good in theory, but it brings up a question that will also need to be answered: What will happen now with the YouTube dubbing companies?

Because yes, although many people don't know it, there are currently many professionals who are dedicated to precisely that: translating the content that many creators upload to the popular platform. These, of course, have not been slow to criticize the measures of the AI ​​functions on YouTube. If in the end it will be a measure that will benefit us all or, on the contrary, it will bring more headaches than anything else, only time will tell. We only know one thing for sure: everything changes.

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