The best phrases for Instagram: succeed and gain followers


Currently one of the most active social networks of the moment is none other than Instagram. The popular network has grown unstoppably, so much so that it keeps many millions of people posting photos with daily text, but they also host videos that are interesting for the many users who connect from time to time.

To succeed and gain followers on Instagram you must use the best phrases, all adorned with the best images, vital if you want to be a reference. With the recent algorithm changes of the platform, each of the posts is now shown in the feeds in which the public feels most engaged.

If you want to succeed within this social network, it is best to spend many hours, but not using it, rather seeing which phrases can have more impressions and thereby gain followers. Instagram is one of the networks used as a tool to keep in touch with friends, acquaintances and even with companies.

Motivation, phrases for Instagram


Motivation is one of the most important states in the human being. If you are down or sad, it is best that you turn it around in the best way, with some motivating phrase. Lifting your spirits depends to a large degree on surrounding yourself with supportive people, especially during difficult times.

In order to motivate your followers, and by the way get likes, it is best to recommend motivating phrases, whatever the state and at any time. Each of them can be accompanied by an image to make it more attractive. and reach a large number of people on the Instagram network.

The best motivational phrases for Instagram are the following:

  • Carry on even though everyone expects you to quit. Do not let the iron in you rust - Quote by Teresa of Calcutta
  • You must not choose, you have to accept life as it is - Osho
  • If you want to change the world, change yourself - Gaandhi
  • Five minutes are enough to dream a lifetime, that's how relative time is - Benedetti
  • Sometimes the change we hope for so much begins with a belief in me
  • Talent that is not seen is lost
  • To be irreplaceable, one must always seek to be different
  • In time you will learn that we don't have to change friends, if we are willing to accept that friends change
  • Illusion is the basis of what comes next: magic

Reconciliation, phrases for Instagram


Many have ever been wrong about someone, it is best to know how to apologize and reconcile with a family member or friend on time. Reconciliation is one of the most beautiful things, so many people always try to find the right words and use them at that precise moment.

The reconciliation phrases are highly sought after to use both on Instagram and in messaging applications, among them are WhatsApp, Telegram and others less known. Many of them are valid, especially if you want to get someone back or read it so they know that it is important in your life.

The most important reconciliation phrases for Instagram are:

  • Forgiveness is an absolute necessity for the continuation of human existence
  • In the absence of forgiveness, let forgetfulness come
  • It's never too late for a second chance at life
  • People have to learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can also be taught to love
  • Hope and feeling are two things that can coexist, coexist with it whenever you can
  • Forgiveness is the courage of the brave, only he who is strong enough to forgive an offense knows how to love
  • It is never late for repentance and reparation
  • In life all relationships require dedication, either with a simple gesture or with a chance to get back on track
  • We tend to easily forgive our friends for any defect, as long as it is not related to our things
  • Forgiveness is something we learn from, it is a valuable and above all important thing in our lives.
  • Having someone say "I'm sorry, I need you" after you have had a fight means much more than your pride.
  • Reconciliation is a decision made with the heart
  • Life is too short not to forgive

Wisdom, phrases for Instagram


Wisdom is truly important, especially if you want to exploit in the face of people, thereby teaching other people who are interested in learning. Many use phrases of wisdom so that people get to see them, that is why many of them are used on Instagram for quite some time.

With different daily phrases of wisdom, many have succeeded over time, since they are widely shared with the community of the well-known social network. Knowledge does not take place, the wise have always been learning and improving in different branches, many of them interesting.

Some of the wisdom phrases are as follows:

  • Seek wisdom in your past and you will carve out your present
  • Maturing is knowing what you say, respecting what you hear and meditating on what you keep quiet
  • The wise man does not teach with words, but with actions
  • True wisdom is in acknowledging your own ignorance
  • Stumbling is not bad, becoming fond of the stone is
  • Most people are like pins: their heads are not the most important thing
  • A wise man said: who judges your life, it is because he is not happy with his
  • You are the artist of your life, do not give the brush to anyone
  • The secret of wisdom, power and knowledge is humility
  • False words are not only bad in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil
  • You stumble more often with your tongue than with your feet
  • The ignorant says, the wise doubts and reflects
  • Do not repent or reproach others, they are the steps of wisdom
  • Life is short ... smile at those who cry, ignore those who criticize you and be happy with who you care

Leadership, phrases for Instagram

Leadership is something you are born with, but sometimes it is difficult to prove to everyone. If you think that you are a leader, it is best to show it, either in your job or performing a function in which you shine before the entire audience, either physically or online.

With phrases for Instagram you can also show your leadership, some of them are important to help certain people. These are important, so you can share each of them with those people you consider important in your life.

  • Anyone can hold the wheel when the sea is calm
  • Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power
  • Example is not the main thing to influence others, it is the only thing
  • The leaders offering blood sweat and tears, they always get more from their followers than those safety and fun
  • A leader takes people where they never would have gone alone
  • Leadership is the ability to transform vision into reality
  • It is not the cry, but the flight of a wild duck; leading the flock to fly and go
  • Leadership should not be an aspiration, it should be a consequence of competition
  • Leadership is not dominating, it is the art of persuading people to achieve a common goal
  • If you assume the leadership of any project, do not hesitate to put all the best of yourself to achieve success
  • Innovation is what distinguishes the leader from the followers - Steve Jobs
  • Leadership is not being in command, but in taking care of the people in your charge
  • The role of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers
  • The first rule of leadership: everything is your fault

Entrepreneurs, phrases for Instagram

Entrepreneurship is necessary, since many have been able to undertake at least once in their life, as well as a few times if the first one has failed. The best convictions have become businesses, many of them today are a success and go on to employ many people around the world.

Creating a business goes through one of the many ideas in mind, development is essential for everything to work and in the end it can see the light. The best entrepreneur phrases for Instagram are the following, many of them adaptable, especially if you want to adapt to each person.

The best entrepreneur phrases for Instagram are:

  • If you don't work for your dreams, someone will hire you so you can work for yours - Steve Jobs
  • Big opportunities come from knowing how to take advantage of small ones - Bill Gates
  • The only impossible thing is what you don't try
  • You don't have to adapt to change, you have to generate it
  • If you are not wrong from time to time, it is that you do not try
  • The secret to getting ahead is just getting started
  • Success is not permanent and defeat is not fatal; it's the courage to continue that counts

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