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You may not know the Pluto Tv platform, but I'm sure you will be interested. We are facing another streaming platform where you can watch multimedia content on demand, similar to others already well known such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, etc. but with a detail that stands out, it is free.

It is not yet too popular, but its growth and development is increasing, you can choose different ways to view it and enjoy it, it is also noteworthy that you don't even need to be registered to see its content. Therefore we are going to know a little more about Pluto Tv and see what it offers us and if it is worth it.

Download Pluto TV for iOS and Android

Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series
Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series
Developer: Pluto, Inc.
Price: Free
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot
  • Pluto TV - TV, Film & Series Screenshot

One of the characteristics of this totally free platform is that we can enjoy it on different devices, either in Andorid or in iOs, even on our computer. It is a very simple application that evidently includes advertisements thanks to which we pay nothing for their use and it is essentially nourished by the sponsors and the publicity that it houses inside. It is not invasive or exasperating, but thanks to that we will not have to pay a single euro to enjoy it.

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As we have also mentioned, Pluto TV is a streaming service and offers us a large catalog of channels, with their movies and series on demand, and includes a live viewing of the broadcast they have at the time. It is also an exclusive catalog, since does not share its own channels with any other platform. But you can find channels from other platforms. We have a wide variety of content from different movie studios, publishers, and digital media companies.

Pluto Tv content

Among its different themes we can find action content, comedy, drama, horror, games, sports, music, children, family, cooking, travel, suspense, wildlife and reality shows, and according to their own website they report that they will continue to add more channels to their programming.

Pluto Tv is a Viacom project in conjunction with Movistar +, and aims to challenge the television we know today, and fight hand in hand with platforms like Netflix and HBO for example. It currently has about fifty channels, a wide catalog of movies and also series that can be seen through VOD, which means to click and see immediately.

In addition, its simplicity is increased by not requiring registration, so it is very easy to use without enhancing the tedious steps of a registration, since they are not necessary. In short, it is like having one more television with on-demand options.

See Pluto TV live and without registration

Watching Pluto TV from a computer is the simplest and most functional way, in my opinion, to be able to enjoy it. You can do it click here, and you won't even have to register.

By accessing you will be able to see the live broadcast that is in that moment, and above, you can change if you prefer to watch content on demand to consume whenever you want.

Watch pluto tv online without registration

In addition, you will also see the guide of programs to be broadcast, in order to plan and not miss your favorites.

In the first you can see the broadcast live and in the second option you can select the movie, series or channel you want to see.

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Pluto TV movies and series

You can access all movies and series on Pluto TV from here. Is it so dubbed into Spanish, so we can enjoy those contents without having to activate subtitles. The only drawback is that they do not offer the possibility of seeing their contents in original voice, so we will have to see everything dubbed. But if our language is Spanish, it is less of a problem.

free series and movies on pluto tv

If you like anime, we find some very popular television series dubbed into Spanish, such as Kochikame, Keroro, Dream Team, Sherlock Holmes or Kiteretchu.

If you like the series of national production, On Pluto Tv you have at your fingertips a channel that broadcasts throughout the day, among others, What a weekIf you don't know it, take a look, it's a mythical series from the Basque channel ETB with which you will laugh a lot. On the other hand and looking for Spanish series from the past you can find all the seasons of Curro Jiménez y Ana and the 7. The selection to consume content is already everyone's choice.

If you want to search for foreign series, you have options such as Taken, which is a production by Steven Spielberg, Arcángel, The Hour, a BBC series that includes Dominic West (The Wire) or Andromeda, which is a science fiction series by the creator of Star Trek, among others.

Y children's content could not be missing either, for the little ones in the house they can enjoy preschool content, with series and programs such as Go Diego Go, Clues from Blue and you! o The three twins. There is also content for other older ages like Harvey Beaks, Sanjay and Craig, and even Sitcoms for teenagers like  The invisible girl or Big Time Rush among others.

List of all Pluto TV channels

To make your contact with this platform easier, if you are interested, we leave here the list of channels available for your information:


  • Pluto TV Cinema
  • Pluto TV Cinema Action
  • Pluto TV Cinema Drama
  • Pluto TV Cinema Comedy
  • Pluto TV Cinema Horror
  • Pluto TV Star Cinema


  • pluto tv anime
  • Pluto TV Novels
  • Pluto TV Shows
  • Pluto TV Competitions
  • Pluto TV Latin Series
  • Pluto TV Sports
  • Pluto TV Series Retro
  • Classic Telefe
  • vintage-mtv


  • Pluto TV Investigates
  • Pluto TV Reality
  • Pluto TV Nature


  • Pluto TV Kitchen
  • Pluto TV Travel


  • pluto tv kids
  • Classic Nick
  • Nick Jr Club
  • Pluto TV Junior

They will not be all the channels you can see, since According to information from their managers, they intend to exceed a hundred in the total of their list.

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Opinions about Pluto TV

Thanks to on-demand content, called "On Demand" on the platform, we can see what we want well from the beginning or even save it to see it whenever we want. We can do this with both the programs and the movies or series that are being broadcast at the time you want.

We have already commented that it is completely free, and this is due to the advertising that it implements in its content, that is, it works the same as the television of a lifetime that we have in the living room, with the usual channels. They do not exactly specify the advertising minutes, but they have reported that It will not exceed 12 minutes of ads for each hour of content, so the average is set between 6 and 8 minutes. It is even less than that found in some conventional channels of classic television.

If you doubt the strength of this platform I will tell you that Movistar + is behind Pluto TV in Spain, and the President of Movistar +, Sergio Oslé, made the following statements about the platform:

 «PLUTO TV adds a new asset to Movistar + 's value proposition to the advertising market. A model based on presence in highly qualitative environments, fully trusted by brands, of premium quality that offers them new ways of being on the new TV, that of multiplatform audiovisual content ”.

Pluto TV has come to stay, and I am sure it will be an option to consider as it will gain weight over time.

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