How to put a date on your Instagram Stories

set date instagram stories

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Instagram Stories It is a function that has been included in the app for many years and that is why it achieved the success that it obtained so great. These Instagram stories They are audiovisual content that last in the profile for 24 hours and after that time, the uploaded content disappears from the profile.

It is a really interesting function to share something at a specific time or for special situations. In addition, you can add fun or attractive elements to this content such as music, text, stickers and much more. For this reason, here we explain what elements and filters to use to add the date to Instagram Stories.

You can add the time in different ways in your story. The fastest way to add the time is through the official sticker that Instagram includes. Another option is to use the filters of the effects gallery application, where you can find a large number of them, although to start using them they will have to be activated.

The same thing happens with the date, andIn your Stories you can add the official Instagram sticker in addition to the filters that you can find in the gallery that feature this item. Here are the steps you have to follow to add it to your Stories:

Take a photo from within Instagram or select one from the gallery.
With the image already chosen, click on the icon of the sticker that has the face.
Click on the time or date sticker (once you have placed it you can click on it to see the different designs).

You can do it from your mobile


On the device it is very easy to upload Instagram stories. And it is that with the mobile app you just have to swipe to the right or also by clicking on the “+” icon that you can see at the top of the screen, when you click on it you have to slide between the different options until you see the of «History», click on it.

Inside the camera section slide in the filter gallery until you find the instagram vcr filter where the date and time are. When you want to take the photo, press the central button. Then, if you want to publish it, you just have to click on the “Your Story” button that is located in the lower left.

The gallery has a large number of filters that have these elements as well as many other features that we are sure you will like. There are a number of widely used filters that have the date and time, such as:

  • Day and time of @ usaurio1
  • Day and time of @ usaurio2
  • Day and time of @ usaurio3
  • VHS CAM of @usaurio4

How to date your Instagram Stories from your computer

How to date your Instagram Stories from your computer

The computer does not allow you to post Stories directly as the web version does not include this feature yet, although there are tricks to do it. To do this you must first open your Instagram account on the web version of the computer and press the 'F12' key on the keyboard. You will see a panel open on the right of the screen, and press 'F5'.

Then you will see that the page will reload and you will see Instagram as if you were in the mobile app and you can upload Stories and photos to your profile. Click on the profile image that is in the upper left with the text “Your Story”. When you click on it, the file folder on your computer will open where you will have to select the photo you want.

When you have selected the photo you want, you will see that it appears on the screen as it would appear on your mobile. Now is when you have to add the stickers, the music or whatever you want. Although keep in mind that since it is not the official version of Instagram, it has some limitations and cannot be used. Regarding the date, you will only be able to use the sticker of the same day you upload the photo.

More tricks to put the date on Instagram stories

tricks to put the date in Instagram stories

Another option is to put the date you want through the Instagram text, since you can write anything. This is a good option when you want to upload a photo on a different day than the date taken, since the app's time and date stickers are programmed only for the day the photo is taken.

Using old photos from the gallery

By clicking on the “+” icon that you can see above you will open the Stories screen and then slide to the “History” option. Now you will have to select an image from your gallery that is not from the same day as the day you are going to publish, and when you select the date it will appear on the screen automatically. When you have it to your liking, it is time to click on the “Your Story” option that you will see in the lower left corner.

use the text

The Instagram application has different fonts and designs to put the most attractive texts. So if you add the date and time using the Instagram texts, it will also be very good.

So when you have already chosen the photo you want, you will first have to choose the text button that you will see at the top of the screen. Now write the date and times and select a font among all the options available (you will see that there is a lot of variety) and in this way design your texts your way.

First You must take a photo from Instagram or choose one from the gallery. When you already know which one you are going to upload, go to the stickers section and select the countdown one.

Once you click on it to add the story you want, you will see a notification that warns you that this sticker can be used by other users to add it to their stories as well as activate reminders. In this way you will be able to know the opinions of your followers as well as yours. Once you finish perfecting your story, click on the “Done” option and editing it is very easy, you just have to click on it. Once you have finished, click on the 'Your story' option to publish the story on your profile.

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