Why does the mobile heat up? It is dangerous?

The mobile heats up

Continued use of the mobile phone can cause the device to overheat., is unavoidable, as this is largely caused by applications. The terminal tends to overheat for different things, in addition to doing it with games it can also be due to other things.

The battery is another element that tends to get hot in a smartphoneThis is due to poor dissipation, one of the things that in the new mobiles has been improving remarkably. Temperature control is undoubtedly one of the things to take into account, there are applications capable of offering that information.

Main causes of overheating

Heated mobile

Not everyone is playing with their phone when it gets hot, sometimes just by using it with basic applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook. With apps in the background, processes rise and with it the temperature of the CPU together with the RAM memory.

Background apps have an easy fixEverything happens to remove those that you do not use, essential if you only launch the ones you use daily. Another cause could be not using an official charger by the manufacturer, depending on whether it is or not will affect performance.

Close background apps

Background apps

High CPU consumption makes the smartphone work too hard and with it the warming, the fundamental thing is to know if it is for this cause. Closing the applications in the background will allow you, in addition to working on the CPU, to save battery power throughout the day.

Close applications that you do not use much every day, because if you open and close them completely all the time, you will consume more resources when running than if you leave it in the background.
How can you avoid heating up your mobile
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To close applications in the background it is necessary to access the developer options, if it is activated it will appear at the bottom of the Settings. To activate it, it will be easy for any brand and model, since it is the same process in all terminals.

To activate the "Developer options" do the following:

  • Access Settings on your mobile device and then "About phone"
  • On «Compilation», press seven times in a row until you get a message, in some the word will vary, in this case it shows «Now you are a developer», it will ask you for an unlocking PIN which is the one you use for the screen

Once this process is done you can make several adjustments, one of them is to close applications in the background, with this you will prevent the CPU from working even when it is not used. Many wonder about the high consumption of resources and it is because the system does not always close the apps.

If you want to close the apps in the background, do the following steps:

  • Access Settings and locate the "Developer Options"
  • Click on "Running services", here locate those apps that you are not interested in that are in the background, leave only the ones that you usually open permanently, be it a social network, messaging app, etc.
  • To close, choose one and click "Stop", it will show you a warning that the application may not stop safely

Stop apps from Android

2-plane applications

Many manufacturers have included from versions after Android 6.0 an internal option to stop any application, in Android 10 for example it is possible. For this we only have to go to the phone settings and make a few small changes so they don't start.

Access Settings on your device, then click on "Applications" and look for the option "Start applications", here it will show you all those that start. If you have little memory and do not want to make a high use of the CPU, it is advisable to start the fundamental apps.

He warms up playing games

Playing games

When it comes to using it with titles from the Play Store, heating is normal, either the CPU or the battery itself, the processor increases its consumption and heats the device as a whole. Dissipation is higher in new phones, so you won't notice it overheating if you don't play for too many hours in a row.

The battery, on the contrary, when working permanently It will happen to be quite hot, although this has gone from more to less in recent times. The behavior will depend on whether you use an original charger or not, but also on how you use your device.

You always use the original charger

p40 pro charger

Phones come with a charger which is the primary key to proper operationIt is essential to always use the same one and not a compatible one. Manufacturers advise doing it to charge it at any time, it is advised that if you have used a compatible type, check its behavior.

With the original, the charges are usually fast and above all correct, everything except that the battery fails and overheats the phone in the long run. The main thing is to use the charger with which it always arrives, so you can always have it on top if you don't want to use another one outside the home.

Bad battery

Battery and charging

One of the main causes of getting too hot is having a bad batteryIf this happens, it is best to take the device to the SAT (Customer Service) for replacement. To this day, telephones in general have a replaceable battery from official stores.

Android battery status
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If it overheats and discharges quickly, it is best to replace it with another, and if there are problems, it remains to be seen if it were another type of problem. A battery is worth replacing it for many factors apart from solving the heating, the service life improves and it will last as it did in the beginning, all with the initial cycle of 8-10 hours for the first charge.

Is it dangerous for it to get hot?

It is, in isolated cases the battery has inflated to bursting on rare occasions, it is best to find a solution in the shortest possible time. Dissipation in new mobiles has improved, so it is rare that it happens after having passed several tests before their final launch on the market, this happens with all brands.

The solution is to correct the battery if it were that, if it is something else, it is best to find solutions ourselves, either by closing the applications in the background or using the original charger. Always consult customer service if you cannot solve let the mobile heat up.

Control the temperature

CPU Monitor

An application to control the temperature of your device is CPU Monitor, with this well-known tool you can monitor other things as well as the processor, such as the battery and activate an overheating alarm. Among other things, you will be able to know the use of the RAM memory at that moment and monitor everything in real time.

CPU Monitor is an application with a simple interface, it goes to the basics, which is to know the information of everything you need, control the different parameters with widgets and much more. Despite being in English, there is no problem knowing everything about your phone.

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