What is Android Accessibility Suite and what is it for?

What is Android Accessibility Suite

The Android universe is really wide and we find all kinds of terms and concepts in it, many of which we do not know. A good example of this is Android Accessibility Suite, which many users do not ring a bell. Therefore, below we are going to tell you what Android Accessibility Suite is and what it is for.

In this way you will be able to familiarize yourself with this term, since it is something that has a certain importance in the operating system. You may have never heard of it, but you may already know what is Android Accessibility Suite and its importance or the role it has in Android in general, including in your case.

Accessibility is an important issue in Android. Google has been improving accessibility dramatically over time, making phones easier to use for people with all kinds of problems or disabilities. So it is something that is going to play an important role for millions of users with an Android device. Below we will tell you more about this term, about the Android Accessibility Suite, as well as the way in which we can have this suite on our device, in case we want to use it.

We also tell you more about the way in which it can be activated or used on the mobile or tablet. Since it is good to know the steps we have to follow to activate or configure these accessibility features. They are something that will allow a better use of an Android device, something of importance to millions of users of the operating system around the world.

What is Android Accessibility Suite

Android Accessibility Suite

Android Accessibility Suite, also known as the Android Accessibility Suite, is a suite of accessibility apps that allows users to use Android devices without using the view or with switches. In other words, they are applications that are designed so that people who have various types of limitations will be able to make good use of an Android device, since the device can be adapted to this person through these applications.

This is a suite that has evolved remarkably over time. Initially, Talkback was the accessibility function that was in Android by default, but Google has clearly opted over the years to make the operating system more accessible. We currently find ourselves with a suite where we have various applications or functions, all of which contribute to making the use of an Android phone or tablet easier or more accessible for all types of users.

We find quite a few options or functions in this suite. Think of options such as an accessibility menu, a larger menu that appears on the screen with buttons, control the mobile with your voice, the use of control gestures on the phone, gestures that can be customized, control the mobile with the rest, reading aloud and many more. We will tell you more about these functions later, so that you can see what can be done once you have this suite on Android.

How to install this suite on Android

In addition to knowing what Android Accessibility Suite is, it is important to know how this suite can be installed on an Android phone. Currently this suite is something that comes standard on many devices with the operating system, although in many cases it depends on the brand and model of your phone. In models within the high-end Android range, this is something that already comes as standard, more and more frequently as well, although not always.

Luckily, those people who want to be able to make use of it will not have to search too hard, because it is something that is also we can download from the Google Play Store. So we are going to have it present on our phone whenever we want. It is available at the following link in the store on Android:

Android für Barriefreiheit
Android für Barriefreiheit
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot
  • Android für Barriefreiheit Screenshot

As you can expect Downloading this accessibility suite is completely free. It is an official Google application, so we will not have to pay money for its installation or use on the phone. We will only have to proceed to download it from the store and then we will be able to configure this suite on our smartphone, so that we can have the desired functions on our mobile.

What services do you offer us?

Android accessibility suite

As we have mentioned, this suite has been expanding the functions it offers over time. All of them are designed so that people with a disability or health problem will be able to make the best possible use of the device. So they can be of help to millions of people around the world. These are the main services or functions that the Android accessibility suite offers us today:

  • Talkback - a content reader on the mobile device screen.
  • Button layout: you can configure which buttons will appear on the screen, as well as their size.
  • Organization of apps: the apps of the phone can be organized by the type of app, so that it is easier to find apps on the mobile.
  • Voice recognition: the mobile can be used with voice commands. You can even enter passwords, PINs or personal data using this feature on the phone. The processes are encrypted, so it's private.
  • Accessibility menu: choose the accessibility buttons to have on the screen.
  • Camera: control the camera with your face, through various gestures or movements.
  • Reading: being able to make the mobile read a text for us, we can even choose to read certain words out loud if there are any that we do not know or that we do not know how to pronounce.

Each user will be able to choose which of these functions are the ones you want to use on your Android phone or tablet. Since this is something that will depend on the needs of each one, so it is something customizable at all times. In this way, when you have activated the desired functions or services in this accessibility suite, the use of this Android device will become much more comfortable at all times.

How to activate on Android

android accessibility

We have already mentioned that in some cases it can be installed as standard on Android, but if this is not the case, we have downloaded this accessibility suite directly from the Google Play Store. Once this accessibility suite is already on the phone, we are ready to proceed with its activation and configuration on the mobile. Since we have to choose which functions we want to use on the mobile at that time.

When you have this suite installed on your mobile, it is something that is integrated into the Android settings. So this app does not open and we start configuring it, as can happen in other apps. But in this case we will have to do it from the phone settings. The steps that have to be followed in this case are the following (they may vary somewhat between the brand of phone you have):

  1. Open your Android phone settings.
  2. Go to Additional Settings (in some models there is an Accessibility section available directly in the settings).
  3. Enter the Accessibility section.
  4. If it asks you to activate the suite, do this.
  5. The list of accessibility features available on the mobile will be displayed on the screen. Go to those you want to use and activate them, in addition to being able to customize or configure the use of each of them to your liking.

When you want to activate any of these functions, Android will ask you to grant some permissions. They are usually permissions such as accessibility or the microphone, in the case of TalkBack, for example. They are something that has to be granted, because otherwise these functions will not be able to be used on the phone at any time. Once permissions have been granted, some aspects of the feature can now be configured so that it will work as well as possible on your phone.

The configuration is something that will depend on each user. TalkBack is often the most used accessibility feature on Android, so most are going to activate this on the phone. When it is activated, we are usually shown on the screen the main functions or advantages that its use gives us, so that we can already know some of the actions that we can carry out thanks to it. The normal thing is that when you have it activated, every time you select any button or information, the device will start reading for you. In this way you will be able to hear everything, ideal if you have vision problems, since you will not miss anything this way thanks to TalkBack on Android.

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