What is Mastodon, the fashionable social network

what is mastodon social network

Mastodon It started out as a free social network for all those users who wanted to talk to each other quickly and without censorship. It could be considered as a good alternative to twitter since you publish messages so that other users can read it, you can choose who can read it.

Mastodon has been with us for quite a few years now, despite not handling as many numbers as the blue bird company, the truth is that it has been growing little by little in the number of registered users and with millions of visits since 2016. Just like other web pages, in this one you also need a registration, an alias and meeting people. But, What is Mastodon, the fashionable social network?

Today we explain what Mastodon is, a social network where you can talk without worrying about possible censorship. It is a microblogging network with functions very similar to the famous app created by Jack Dorsey.

What is Mastodon, the social network of the moment?

What is Mastodon, the social network of the moment?

It is a microblogging social network that has been growing little by little in these six years. When you log in for the first time you will have to follow different accounts for different content, and you can also get followers if you post interesting content.

This App works as a decentralized federation of servers, with a free code so everyone has access to it having been shared with the code on GitHub. Within the social network you can find several networks where the user can create different servers also known as servers.

Through these servers you can send messages so that the users you want can read them, both a limited and unlimited number of people. There is also the option that the messages can be read by the entire community, and for this you must publish them in general, just like on twitter.

In all the communities or instances, specific norms are created, If a user fails to comply with any of them, the administrator can ban the account or even the user. But in addition, the Mastodon social network has minimum standards such as xenophobic, racist, sexist messages and child pornography.

To start using Mastodon in the first place you will have to register, and this requires a registration that will take you just a few seconds since you will have to fill in some fields, which is typical in social networks. First an alias (or also called nick), an email address, password and little else to gain access.

At the beginning of the page you will see the dark theme that we have already seen in a number of applications, it is a good option and even more so if you adapt well to it. At first it can be a very basic site but once you sign up and start browsing the service you will see that it gives you a number of available options.

To sign up for Mastodon, do the following:

  • First of all you will have to access the Mastodon.social page and click on “Sign up”.
  • Next you will see the fields that you must fill in, which are four.
  • You will have to add the Username, email address and password that you will then have to repeat. Accept the conditions and click on Register.
  • You will receive a confirmation email to activate the account, click on the button and it will automatically redirect you to Mastodon.social with the alias already entered
  • It is a quick process and for which you will not need more than two minutes to register and sign up for this service and be able to start using it. If you have already used twitter before, it will be very easy for you to get hold of it, although you have to keep in mind that some things change.

How Mastodon works, the best alternative to Twitter

How Mastodon works, the best alternative to Twitter

LThe Toots are the so-called messages on Mastodon, as opposed to twitter tweets, a maximum of 500 characters can be entered. Currently, twitter tweets have a maximum of 280 characters, which despite being few, are the right amount to write a message long enough to report something.

When you go to write a toot you can do it in three lines, one of them the main timeline, another is the federated history and finally the local timeline. But in addition to the text you can also add an image as well as emoticons.

In Mastodon they have also taken into account the interactions, so just like on twitter, you can also mention someone. To make a toot like this, you just have to put the @ and select the user you want to mention. With prior experience on Twitter, you'll know how to do this well, and if you don't, you'll see that it's a very simple process and a good way to keep users on this social network.

When you have already created your account, the next thing you should do is adjust your profile, you should add a photo and biography, as well as beautify the wall as much as possible so that users are attracted to it. In Mastodon you can make the changes you want. This section has been improving little by little so that the user can completely customize it to their liking.

When you enter a profile and only see an alias, that account does not offer any trust, so you must change it as soon as possible. From the website you will have to enter your account and wait for the Mastodon dashboard to load.

Do the following steps to edit the profile:

  • Go to Mastodon.social and wait for them to load
  • You will see the Edit profile option just below the alias with your @, click on this option.
  • You will see the number of options there are, such as “Display Name”, “Biography”, and on the right side you will put the header and avatar.
  • Once everything is ready, all you have to do is click on the Save changes option to finish completing your profile so that all your followers can see it.

Mastodon currently has an official application that you can download for free on the Play Store. This works the same as the web service since you can change what you want from your account, although despite having 50.000 downloads, users prefer to continue using Mastodon from their Mastodon.social website.

While the Mastodon application continues to improve little by little in recent years through regular applications. You can download it for both Android and iOS. The website and the app have automatic login since it saves the data and both share many functions.

Developer: Mastodon
Price: Free
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