What does 'uwu' mean when they write it to you in chat?


Chats have been using many new features over the years, from the well-known emoticons, emojis and a wide vocabulary with expressions which we have had to learn. Times advance, they change, we have to adapt to them if we want to be cool.

What is uwu?

The word "uwu" is a representation of a face with closed eyelids, expressing happiness. The "u" stands for closed eyes, and the "w" stands for a kawaii mouth. Previously it was written differently, specifically "uu", and it is a fairly typical gesture in Asia, in countries like Japan and South Korea.

Internet Slang defines "uwu" as an anime-style happy face, an animation within the graphic expressions and that are quite used by young people. That is why "uwu" has been gaining adherents even outside of Japan and South Korea, as it is also widely used in Europe.

The origin of uwu

Uwu origin

Many speak of it being oriental, it reminds of Japanese animation characters, but apart from Japan it is often used a lot in Korea. It is usually used by young people and also by older people, since it is something that was implanted to stay and it is nothing new, it has been with us for many years.

What does uwu mean

What is Uwu

The expression of uwu is said when something seems cute to you or you want to express that something is adorable or kawaii We are facing precisely one of the expressions that you may not have been able to use, but you have been able to see it in some conversations.

uwu can also mean that you are flirting with the person you are talking to, either uwu itself or a similar one such as 7w7. To respond to flattery, it is also often used, so it may be an expression to be used with one person or to respond to another.

The expression mutated from the expression uu, in this case the point is changed by the w, giving it a small change from the one that started in Japan. Over time, many have continued to use both, accepting one and the other, although uwu has been seen to predominate in the chats.

uwu is not considered one of the oldest expressions, It is a derivative of uu and of the various that are used as is the case of OO (eyes open) or>. <(eyes closed). Already in Asia they began to make a lot of use of uwu and the expansion is due to the great acceptance in other continents.

More information about uwu

uwu the origin

The origin is Japanese, most Asian people have a more graphic thinking because they use an alphabet different from ours. The use of emoticons is very otaku, part of Japanese culture and that is why they represent it most of the time with a feeling of happiness.

uwu in this case can have several meanings, the first of which is that it comes from manga and anime, it represents feelings of tenderness or a great feeling of happiness, it also represents a reaction to something beautiful and moving. It is very useful when it comes to expressing yourself with just an emoticon.

In social networks, a person expresses himself towards you is that he lets himself flirtThe same thing happens the other way around, if they try to flirt with you it is one of the things you can use. In this case, if you decide not to flirt with that person, you can use another in that case.

What the RAE says about it

RAE uwu

Because it is one of the expressions used by young people today, it has quite confused a small sector of people with it. The RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) decided to clarify the matter by mentioning that it is uwu: «It is an emoticon that is used to express happiness or tenderness».

It can be written in two ways, uwu or UwUIt also says that the term is used in cultures linked to anime and the otaku world. Europeans have been using very similar ones, although it was not until about two years ago that they began to use it in messaging applications, chats and other contact services between people.

Another similar expression


One of the expressions that has also been used over time is 7w7, the numbers represent the eyes closed with tears and the "w" is a mouth that shows sadness. In adult people the meaning of 7w7 is different, for them it represents an emoticon with suggestive meaning.

In adults the 7 gives an expression of eyes looking in only one direction which implies mischief and the w is an open mouth with the tongue sticking out. The 7w7 is therefore an expression that may be different depending on how you look at it and is gradually gaining followers among young people and adults.

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