How to recover deleted messages from Instagram

Today, Instagram is one of the most used social networks, is in the number two position, behind Faceboock. And it is understandable, contrary to what happened with Tuenti, the updates have only been for the better, with a good number of possibilities, being able to download photos or enjoy your wide variety of filters.

The fact of being able to have conservation through direct messages was very well received, as it was not long ago that this function did not exist. Also, now you can recover deleted messages, which not everyone knows, and you can use to your advantage. Sometimes, We delete certain messages, and later we regret it because it would have been nice to have it still.

But don't worry, because even if no one has taught you before, the truth is that you can have those messages in your possession again. If you want to know how to recover deleted messages on Instagram, you just have to keep reading.


How to recover deleted messages on Instagram?

I it has a host of benefits, such as deleting a message. When you do, it disappears not only for you, but also for the other person, as a way to keep the privacy of its users.

But you may inadvertently make the mistake of deleting a message from the conversation with your friends, or acquaintances, and want to recover it. Luckily, there is a very simple way to get them back, and you don't need to be a hacker with years of experience to do it.

For recover deleted messages from Instagram, You must first have an old version, if you have downloaded all the updates, there will no longer be a possible way to recover any of the messages that you have already deleted. In the event that you have not downloaded it, you must go to your computer, and log in to your Instagram profile.

Once you have done it, you must go to the direct messages, and there you will have them all, both those that you have deleted and those that you have not. And better yet, you won't have to go to your computer to read them, because you have the option of restoring them to be able to see them again on your mobile phone.

How to download images on Instagram

Surely many times, when spying on an Instagram user, you have liked a photo from many years ago. An error that many of us must recognize that we have lived, especially because even if you delete the like, the user will receive a notification, and will be able to see what the photo has been. So that this does not happen to you, there is a very simple solution, delete that like and run to the most current photo, give it a like and no one will know anything.

Well, just as there is a solution for this error, if you make the mistake of deleting an entire conversation in your direct messages, you should know that you can get it back without any problem. The dynamics is the same as with individual messages, if you do not have the latest update of this social network, it would be enough to connect from your computer, enter the messages and there you would have everything.

What is the purpose of recovering deleted conversations

Delete messages in instagram direct messages it's great when you've made a spelling mistake, or your finger is gone and the word doesn't make any sense. But there are few times that we have deleted certain messages that we later regret. The worst thing is when the other person also deletes some of their messages, and we know what they have written, but we do not have any proof of it.

On the Internet you will always find both good and bad people, and having a record of the latter can be very helpful for future problems. So if you are one of those who does not have this application updated to its latest version, do not hesitate to recover all the messages that you already thought were lost.


The advantages of Instagram

As we've already mentioned, technology has come a long way in recent years, and continues to do so by leaps and bounds. It is becoming easier to stay connected, and Instagram is making it easier for us every time. There are many advantages that this app offers, and that it started as an application for students, the least you will see today unless they are posing for the photo. But a big advantage when it comes to their direct messages is that when you delete something, other people lose that message too. In this way, you would be taking care of your privacy.

Another advantage when it comes to your privacy is that No one will ever see if you are connected, although for this you must activate an option. First you must go to settings, select Privacy and there you will see the option of Privacy status, deactivate it if you do not want anyone to see when you are connected and the time you were connected for the last time. The only thing that is not yet avoidable is the 'seen', which you can deactivate in WhatsApp.

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