How much does it cost to repair the mobile screen

Nowadays, our mobile phone has become an item from which we hardly ever part, either as another work tool or in our personal life. But We always carry it with us, and it is not exempt from some fall, blow or accident that ends up affecting the screen.

It is something we never want to happen, but a stroke of bad luck can end up with the screen cracked, scratched, or totally broken. And since it is something that we never want to happen to you, It is always advisable to use screen protectors, tempered glass and a good case to protect them.

If your screen has still been damaged, let's see how much it can cost to repair it and in which cases the breakages can be more serious. Always remember that costs may vary depending on the model, brand and year of your terminal.

Repair mobile screen

When to change the mobile screen

It is possible that the blow or the screen break is only aesthetic and we can continue using the mobile without problem, however, You must make sure that the damages are not very serious and that dust or dirt ends up entering that in the long run affect the correct operation.

If, as we say, these cracks do not prevent vision, said breakage can gradually spread until all the glass is broken. If they are deep stripes, they can multiply until they are distributed throughout the screen, preventing you from using your mobile phone normally.

However, remember that it is already damaged and a new blow or fall can be fatal, since the resistance is not the same as when it is new. What is certain is that it has lost the protection against splashes of water or the option to submerge it if your smartphone had the necessary IPS certifications.

The best thing you can do is act on time, and thus avoid greater evils. First check if you have the mobile under warranty and if it covers said breakage, go to the nearest technical service and proceed to repair it. But if you do not have a guarantee, it is up to you whether to go to a specialized store, which will always be cheaper or continue to go to the Technical Service of the brand in question for your smartphone.

Broken screen or damaged LCD?

This specification of the breakage can affect your pocket a lot, to a greater or lesser extent. If your mobile has had a bad accident and the screen has been damaged We must always make sure if what has been broken is the LCD screen or if the touch panel, which is located below, has been affected.

How much does it cost to repair screen

Regarding the glass of the screen, we can say that it is the part that has the touch system and that protects the LCD, the other part of the screen that shows us the content of the mobile.  If what has been broken is the glass you can breathe a little easier, since the repair is cheaper.

But, if on the contrary what has been broken is the LCD, the repair is more expensive and delicate.

How much does it cost to change the mobile screen?

In this aspect we cannot give you a specific price, since Each store has its own pricing policy and the Technical Services of each brand assess their prices based on this. Therefore we are going to discuss a price range taking into account the brand of the phones and the prices at which different stores operate.

Mobile screen repair

In this case, we have taken into account different mobile repair houses, establishments of recognized brands and places specialized in this task, since they are not exact prices, because as we have said, it can vary depending on the brand and the degree of damage that the screen has.

However, if you own an iPhone depending on the model, prices may vary, for example if you have an iPhone XR prices range between 200 and 250 euros. An XS Max can cost between 350 and 380 euros.

If we talk about the Huawei brand, it also becomes more expensive depending on the model, something logical since, for example, the screen of a P20 pro can cost us your change between 225 and 275 euros, depending on where you go.

In the case of the Korean brand Samsung, we can talk about models like the J8 for which they can ask us about € 150 or € 180 for the change of the screen. Yes it is an S9 can even exceed € 200 the arrangement and change of screen. How do you see the repair in a basic model can cost from € 100 to € 290 for an S20 Ultra.

Mobile with broken screen and glass

The same thing happens with the Xiaomi brand, according to our queries it can vary a lot since A Note 6 Pro can cost around 50 euros, up to almost € 200 for a Pocophone F2 Pro and almost € 300 for the Mi 10 Pro, to give a few examples.

Another brand that deserves our attention is Oneplus, since it has some really remarkable terminals that are getting more and more public due to its fluidity and optimized processors, along with other characteristics of the brand. As we say Changing the screen of a Oneplus 7 ranges between 260 and 280 euros, while that of a Oneplus 7T Pro can reach almost 400 euros.

Price conclusion for screen repair

How can you appreciate, there are cases in which the change of a screen can cost almost as much or more than a new mobile. This is because the repair process can become very delicate and laborious, since separating the parts of today's smartphones is increasingly difficult.

It must be borne in mind that the reason for these prices is influenced by whether they are "unibody" units or if, on the contrary, their rear part is removable, and Obviously with the new models that have the fingerprint sensor under the screen, notch or some technology of this type, the price will increase considerably.

Protect the glass of your mobile

That is why, in addition to increasing care with your mobile We recommend that you install a good quality tempered glass, and a cover that adequately protects both the rear (which is sometimes also made of glass), as well as the corners that are the parts that can suffer the most in a fall and affect the front glass.

Thus it is better to invest some money at the beginning, and avoid headaches that can cost us a lot of money.

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