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What is Teamviewer?

Teamviewer is a software application with which you can connect to another computer or server from anywhere on the planet and in just a few seconds. Say that this tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android, so you can use it in any way.

Yes, you can connect to a remote computer, a mobile phone or tablet, a Mac ... Come on, the possibilities it offers Teamviewer they are really varied. In addition, it should be noted that this program is completely free, although with limitations. If you are going to use it in a personal capacity, you will not have to pay for it.

Come on, if you want to control your computer, or that of a friend or loved one, you will not have to go to the checkout. Another thing is that you want to use it in a professional environment. In this case, you should buy a license, but its price is quite attractive. For less than 10 euros a month you can have the simplest version.

Say that this software is multi platform, as you may have seen, in addition to being certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and available in more than 200 languages. Come on, it's the best alternative if you are looking for a program to connect to a computer from your mobile, for example. And seeing as it is free, you have no excuse to try it.

What is and Teamviewer logo

And it is that our mobile phone has become an increasingly useful and necessary tool. We can take advantage of its incredible photographic section to take high-quality photos, enjoy all kinds of video games ... And even control a computer remotely with our smartphone. This is where it comes in Teamviewer.

In this way, it is no longer necessary to go to a client's home or office to diagnose a problem. Now all you need is ddownload Teamviewer on your mobile phone and on the computer with which you want to work remotely to get the most out of this tool.

What is Teamviewer for

How to use Teamviewer

One of the great advantages of this program for connect to a computer from your phone or tablet, is that it is very easy to use. They avoid a complex installation, in addition to offering an easy and intuitive interface. The best? You will not need to open any ports or make difficult configurations, so it is ideal for accessing a computer or phone of someone who has little knowledge.

The first thing you have to do is download Teamviewer on the two devices where you want to use them. In the event that you want to connect to a computer, you must access this link. If you are going to use a mobile phone to connect to the computer, you must download the corresponding application through this link.

It may also be the case that you want to access someone's mobile phone. In this case, you will need to download Teamviewer QuickSupport through this link. Yes, there is a smartphone application with which you can connect to another device, and a version in case you want someone to be able to access your mobile phone.

Device compatibility with Teamviewer

El installation process it's really simple. Mainly you will have to follow the steps and little else. Of course, when it comes to install Teamviewer on your phone, you must bear in mind that you will have to download an additional add-on depending on the model you have. Don't worry, once you open the application for the first time, a window will pop up directly indicating that you have to download an add-on. As we have said, the process is really simple.

Now that you have Teamviewer installed on the device, it will be time to see how you can connect to another compatible terminal. The most common is that you want to connect to a computer, so the process is very simple. More than anything because you only need the user ID and password of the computer.

TeamViewer control panel for remote control

To find out, all it takes is open Teamviewer on the computer you want to access. You will see that an image like the one that heads these lines appears, with its corresponding ID and password (and no, even if you copy the ID and password of this capture, you will not be able to access my computer).

The reason? First, you must have Teamviewer open to be able to access the computer. In addition, the password is automatically renewed every time you log in. Not to mention that you need to authorize access manually. And yes, of course, you can change the password to your liking.

teamviewer interface for mobile

Now, all you have to do is open the Teamviewer application from your mobile phone. You will see an interface like the one that appears above these lines.

You just have to put the ID of the computer you want to access to be able to take control of the computer remotely. The next step will be to enter the access key, yes the password that appears on the remote computer to which we want to connect, and you will already have access to the computer.

Teamviewer ID to connect

Are you going to use Teamviewer to connect to another user's mobile phone? The process is exactly the same.

Once you have opened the corresponding application on your smartphone, it will appear on your terminal as quick support, you will see your ID appear. If you click on the button «Send my ID», you can go through any of the services instant messaging services compatible with your user, so that the connection is made more easily.

Finally, as in the case of the PC version, all you need to do is authorize the person so that they can connect to your mobile phone through Teamviewer, and you will have everything ready. As you may have seen, the process is really simple, both when connecting to a computer from your mobile phone, and if you want to connect to a mobile phone.

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Given that you can download Teamviewer for freeFor both the computer and your phone or tablet, it is a tool that cannot be missing from any of your devices. Nor in that of your friends and loved ones, since you can save more than one trip by using this program to access any compatible terminal remotely.

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