Telegram slow download: six solutions

telegram download slow

It is an important application among those available when it comes to sending messages between our family, friends and work acquaintances. Telegram has advanced by leaps and bounds, giving many users important options, including some that are not available in other applications such as WhatsApp or Signal.

If downloads are slow on Telegram, you have several options when downloading the files, whether they are images, videos or those documents sent by other users. If you see that it is not as fast as with other tools, it is best to see if it is possible to speed up downloads, something that is possible.

To speed up Telegram we have to do some other taskTherefore, it is best to try the different solutions, among them is to verify the Internet connection. If you have a "normal" connection, it is likely that you will not download at a speed that is good in the end.

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Speed ​​up Telegram downloads

telegram download slow

Telegram itself has not referred to the slow download speed of some filesTherefore, it is appropriate to follow the guideline to see if it improves in many cases. Through tricks you can improve the download, but this does not only depend on the specific application.

Imagine that the provider can limit the connection at certain times, this would make the downloads go slower than expected. The limitation will always depend on the ISP (as the company that manages the connection is known, be it broadband, cable or mobile).

That's why it's important is to speed up Telegram downloads With these five tricks, each of them will be valid if you want to download the file quickly. The application itself is more than important, but above all you depend on it to download and view that document specifically.

Set the power saving mode

Energy saving

A way to make the application lighter and download a little faster than normal It is by making some small adjustments to energy saving, especially if it is usually activated. The rules usually come in handy if what you want is for the animations to not consume a lot and thus speed up the downloads slightly.

The energy saving mode usually comes on every phone with the Android operating system, so it will depend on it being activated on your own when we have little energy left, even without the latter happening. Making the loading time sooner will trigger downloads and it will go much faster than usual.

If you want to activate the energy saving mode, do the following on your device:

  • Start your device settings (gear)
  • In the top search engine, put "Battery", click on "Battery saving" or "Battery optimization"
  • Choose the Telegram application and click "Optimize", it will do it with animations and those that overload the phone
  • Once you do it, try activating the download and you will see that it goes faster

Check the internet connection


It is important to check the Internet connection, whether it's your home or mobile, the measurement will be done with pages to see if the download is appropriate. Measuring the speed is important, always with really secure applications or pages that usually take time with it.

A page that usually measures the speed of the connection is speedcheck, has been online for a long time and measures any type of connections. It will ask you for the locationIt is an important part if you want to know where you are from and verify everything to find the complete test.

Speedcheck gives the upload and download speed, latency is another really interesting fact, especially if you usually play online. In addition, the web usually gives the specific IP below and the name of the provider, which in this case in ours is Procono (known as PTV Telecom).

If you are connected to your mobile data and your download speed is low, it may be due to the bad coverage. You can try to move from location looking for a better signal, but if despite this the download speed does not increase, it is better that you contact your mobile company.

If, on the contrary, your problem comes from the internet connection through your home Wi-Fi, a possible solution would be power cycle the router. This restores the connection and often fixes the problem. If it persists, it is best that you contact your internet provider and tell them what is happening to you.

Free up storage space

Delete mobile files

The lack of storage space makes the mobile slow down because the device is forced to process the data much slower when there is not enough space to store it. When there is a lot of data on a device, the processor has to work harder to handle all the information, making the phone run slower overall.

Telegram saturates the memory of our devices quite a bit, as it allows you to share high-quality files that take up a lot of space. Deleting conversations, photos and files that do not contribute to you and getting out of groups that you do not use is a good way to free up space. One way to control the download of data would be disabling automatic download, so that we will only download the files that really interest us.

La Cache saturation makes the mobile slow down, as the phone is trying to process too much information at the same time. When the cache is saturated, the phone has to work harder to process all the information, which makes Telegram downloads slower. When there is a lot of information stored in the cache, the mobile also needs more time to find the necessary data.

Clearing the cache we will delete the temporary files and we will make the phone work faster.

Install the latest version of Telegram

ig me

Always check that you have the latest version of Telegra, if you have an older version it is best to update, it usually sends a warning message daily. To update you have to click on where it says “Update” and wait for it to take effect, being able to enjoy the latest news from the app.

Telegram is a tool that promises to update several times During the year, the improvements are important to keep up with other applications. For that, always try to be attentive and update all versions, including the beta, which is another app that you can download separately.

Visit the Play Store from time to time, as well as the other stores where it is usually, among which the Aurora Store, for example, does not fail. Telegram in both you can download the latest version, all without having to go through the official page, which is none other than

Use a VPN

Android VPN

VPNs are an important solution, especially if they are the payment ones that have servers with speeds above the average in your country. The connection always depends on those people connected, the ping and those servers that have many people, among other differential things.

Among the VPNs, there are many that are available right now, but it is true that they have a hundred at your disposal and that you can use. The choice is largely up to you, for this, try to choose the best one and put it on your computer or mobile phone, any connection will do.

An important VPN is TunnelBear VPN, with different payment plans and if you adapt to them you will be able to survive and take steps on the Internet. TunnelBear VPN is among the best rated, for this it has been gaining important things, such as testing tests where it scored many points.

TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear VPN
Developer: TunnelBear, LLC
Price: Free

Try Telegram X

Telegram X

Many people with Telegram X have seen the download speed improve of the files, that's why it's good that if you don't have it, you try it. It is an application that, despite not updating much, shows improvements in some cases, therefore it is an option on the table.

Telegram X was updated in November 2021, so it requires an update as soon as possible by the development team. The interface is without a doubt one of the best points, but it has also been improving certain aspects, including the quality of its servers.

The installation is identical to that of any application, so it does not require much information, only the one that will be asking you. Telegram X is an alternative client, but it has many things from the official version. Next to it you have others like Bgram.

Telegram X
Telegram X
Developer: FZ-LLC Telegram
Price: Free

Reduce Telegram groups


The application consumes more resources as long as you have open groups, so it is best to reduce this throughout the use of the communication tool. Use those that you think are beneficial for you and always try to remove those that are not positive.

If you are usually in a group where many files are sent, it is best to leave, since this will congest the phone and the download in the end. To leave the groups, click on the three dots and click on «Leave the group», thereby immediately abandoning this.

Empty memory and cache, something that works

It is one of the great solutions so that the application always runs much more fluid than normal, and it is also something recommended by many developers. Releasing both one thing and another is not complicated, you just have to go to the applications installed on your device.

If you want to delete both data and cache, you have to do these steps:

  • Go to the "Settings" of your phone
  • Once opened you have to look for the "Applications" option
  • Look for the specific application, Telegram, go to it and click on "Storage"
  • Click on "Storage" and click on "Clear cache"
  • Then click on storage and "Delete data"
  • And ready

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