Mobile temperature: what is the right one and how to cool it?

Surely on more than one occasion your smartphone has reached temperatures that made it difficult for you to hold it.

This usually happens for different reasons, either in load situations, or when we use powerful applications or games, which use a lot of resources.

As we already know, there are elements that dissipate that heat through fans or liquid cooling in computers. But almost no mobile phone or tablet has these elements to lower the temperature in these cases.

So we are going to see what is the ideal temperature for our mobile, the consequences that overheating can have and how to act to cool it down.

How can you avoid heating up your mobile

Although we are currently seeing market releases of smartphones with incredible features, which They include everything from a supposed liquid cooling, to even the introduction of fans within its structure, they are still very scarce. In fact, they are often referred to as "gaming mobiles".

How to avoid heating up your smartphone

What to do if your smartphone overheats?

The first thing you should do is turn off your phone If the temperature it has reached is much higher than usual, and wait for it to cool down.

We are going to do this because it is much easier to find solutions a little later with a more suitable temperature for its correct operation, and thus avoid errors or unwanted consequences.

The first thing we should know is that the ideal temperature for our terminal should not be higher than 25 degrees, and the ideal is to keep it in about 20 degrees centigrade at all times. Of course, that is an almost impossible task in certain situations.

Actually, the temperature that a mobile phone usually has in normal conditions is around 30 degrees without special difficulty.

In the event that it reaches high temperatures the first thing that can be affected is the battery, and in the long term it can damage its performance and affect its duration. In addition, applications such as the camera or brightness may stop working properly, or errors may occur when they are launched.

Tips for reducing the temperature

Close background apps

You must take into account the applications that run in the background, That is why you must liquidate those that are not really necessary in the day-to-day life of your smartphone.

One of the reasons that causes the rise in temperature is the use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS. And sometimes we have all the options activated, so check if you need to have these options activated at all times.

Games and applications

You should also look at applications or games that consume a lot of resources and they take the capacity of the mobile to limits that are not very recommended. See the latest apps you have installed and if you need all the games you have downloaded.

Tips to avoid heating up your mobile

Charge our smartphone

Another time when it can get warm is the time of battery charging. Almost all users tend to plug it into the mains at night while we sleep, since this way we have it at 100% charge in the morning to avoid disconnection situations.

But the most advisable thing is to load it on a smooth surface, free of obstacles and even if you use a cover, take it off, although this is not decisive.

And above all, charge it with the charger provided by the manufacturer, included in its box. On the other hand, it is recommended unplug it once it reaches 100% charge and not keeping it continuously connected to the network.

Software updates

If you receive a software update, do not delay in installing and executing it, Faults of this type are usually debugged and also benefit the battery, in general. Since the updates optimize the software of our phone and that is appreciated by the hardware of it.

Storage and SD cards

Another issue that you should take into account is the storage capacity of the smartphone and if the space is at the limit.

If we have too many files and applications installed on the phone it can cause overheating problems. In this case, check and delete those unnecessary files.

When install an SD memory card In your terminal remember that it is original, of a capacity supported by the specifications of the phone and do not fill its full capacity since all this affects the temperature of the mobile.

Overheated mobile on Android

If you do not find anything suspicious that is consuming more battery, and therefore increases the temperature, you can limit those processes that are giving more work to the memory within Development Options, specifically in "Limit background processes", being able to restrict those processes to zero.

Obviously the best solution is to stop using the mobile for a few moments, close all the applications and rest your eyes, which is not bad either.

Applications to cool the mobile

We have other not so conventional options, such as going to third-party applications that help us maintain an optimal temperature and even that they notify us when it begins to rise above what is advisable.

Not all of the ones that appear in the Google Play Store deliver what they promise, but here we are going to mention some of the ones that work best, and they really solve this heating problem somewhat.

But always keep in mind that not all of them are reliable, and they can be a door for malware to enter the living room of your Android and cause you more problems than you had before.

Cooling Master - Free Phone Cooler, Better CPU

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Application for maintenance and temperature control of your smartphone

We are facing an application that promises to monitor and control the temperature of our device. It is able to detect and close applications that consume excessive resources and reduce CPU usage.

It is also capable of lowering the temperature of the phone by pressing a button.

It is a totally free application, with some advertising. Among its most notable characteristics we can point out that it performs tasks of real-time temperature monitoring.

It is capable of monitoring and recording the temperature in real time, and showing a record with the curves of the temperature changes that our phone has experienced.

It performs control functions to control the use of the phone by detecting the applications that are causing the excessive use of system resources and thus determining the cause of the phone overheating.

Pressing on its cooling button closes those applications that are causing the temperature rise and ends their execution in the background.

By granting you the necessary permissions, we give you the option to obtain a prevention of overheating, as it closes those applications that may cause a rise in temperature, and avoid the temperature rise again.

CPU Cooler - Phone Cooler

Application to cool down your mobile

Very well rated application and with enough stars to put it in the short list of the best options, if you decide to install any of these apps on your phone.

It is free and contains ads, but among its features it stands out that not limited to closing background apps. But, in addition to showing the temperature of your smartphone (more or less accurate) and in real time, can clean the phone from the junk files you choose.

It allows you to delete duplicate photos and screenshots of your choice, along with the ability to manage installed applications and packages.

As you can see, this application and other similar ones of the same family usually do the same thing: close applications in the background.

With it evidently the temperature of your Android will drop, and in a period of time of about five minutes we will have partially avoided this problem.

They are applications that can help us at specific moments, but be clear that they are not the panacea of ​​continuous overheating, nor will they put out any fire in your phone.

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