Tinder: what is and how does the match system work?


In this article about Tinder we are going to try to guide you so that the mathces system that the application has is in your favor and you are done increasing your success rate on the best dating app on the market today. If you already know it and are looking for other types of applications, you can also enter this article in which we talk about The 7 best dating apps on Android.

So that you do not get lost and start on the right foot in the world of dating applications, you will only have to follow these steps that we are going to teach you next. In the end, this is like everything, the better profile, the easier you will find that other person. Once you make a match, there you are with the conversation you have with that other person and your Tinder profile can do little. But without first improving it, you are not going to get that conversation. One thing leads to another, therefore, let's go there with the article.

What is Tinder and how does it work?


What you will have to do from the first moment and as it is obvious is download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store if you use iOS system. Once you have it downloaded and installed, you will need to register on Tinder with a Facebook profile or simply use your phone number to which they will send you an SMS and you will only enter a code that will give you access. After this, you accept and give permission for notifications to be skipped when making a match, that this is our goal in the app, remember!

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You already have everything ready, now will be when you need start completing your profile. As you enter you will start to see people or profiles, rather, with their photos, data, age and description, in short you will see their profile and biography. In addition to all this, you will also be able to see if the person has been active recently, an indicator will appear next to their photograph. If you are interested in that profile at first glance because you already liked it, you will have to click on more information (the i wrapped in a white round, bottom right). When you do this the full profile will be displayed and you will see all his bio if he has written it. There you will also see the rest of the photographs by sliding right or left.

You have already seen their profile, now it's up to you to decide. Did you like it? If you liked that person, you will only have to press the heart what will you see below and if you did not like it, you will press the X or you will move the profile with your finger to the left. 

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One moment, you can still do something else If you think that person may be the one you like the most of all the profiles, but be careful you will only have one chance every 24 hours. If you liked that person more than anyone else, swipe the card up or click on the blue star that you will see below, that's a super like, You will have more opportunities for the other person to locate you and see your profile to decide if they like you or not. But don't despair the application never warns you of anything if there is no match, so you will not know if the other person has not found you or simply did not like you. You keep calm and keep testing.

Create a good Tinder profile

Tinder profile

Let's go to what you are interested in knowing about Tinder, create a good profile to succeed in the application. Start by following these steps that we will explain below:

  • Upload your photos to Tinder: This is one of the most important parts of your Tinder profile, everything has to go through the eye first. You can have up to a maximum of 9 photos and for this you will only have to press the + button and choose photos from your reel or even link Facebook and Instagram. You can also activate Smart Photos and Tinder chooses the best profile photo according to its statistics regarding the taste of other users. This is a very good option.
  • About Me: It is time to sell yourself to get the attention of your future love. In 500 characters you must explain who you are and what you are looking for. You can also take the opportunity to show your hobbies or curious things about yourself.
  • Biography and / or description: Now is your time, you will have to sell yourself well, without exaggerating and being realistic but be original. In the end you need to keep drawing the attention of your future sir or madam. You have 500 characters to explain how you are and what you like. As a last recommendation, we recommend that you add your Instagram user and so if someone likes you but you can't find them, they can add you and talk to you. You can get a surprise.
  • As an extra and thinking of everyone, in Tinder they have added a section in which you can indicate man, woman, and other gender options so that you feel totally included. You will find multiple options such as transgender.
  • Also here you will have to add your interests, such as football or partying, also the place where you study, for example your university or institute or you can even add your job, company where you work or your studies. All information is good to start getting to know someone and let them know you. Also if you are in one location but live in another. It does not hurt to also put where you live, the truth, in case it coincides that it goes to your city. Remember that all information is useful, it is important. 
  • Spotify: This is one more tool that in the end serves as an anecdote so that you can talk about it if it seems curious or you agree, it is not bad. Just add your favorite song and it will appear at the bottom of the Tinder profile. You may have something else in common. In addition to this, by connecting your Tinder account with your Spotify account, you will allow other people to see what you listen to and thus they can begin to know you more.
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  • Activity settings: You can activate or deactivate the "Share my Activity" button. Inside you can choose which sections to share between photos, biography, studies, work, song or Spotify artists. The activity would be like the timeline of Facebook or Instagram. The more things they see about you, the more possibilities for conversation.

Remember to touch up your last activity settings, You will be able to activate or deactivate the button of your activity and especially what to share of your entire profile, so that privacy prevails if that is what interests you, although entering Tinder to search for privacy is something strange, don't you think?

Verify your Tinder profile


Probably at this point of browsing and exploring the Tinder jungle you have seen that many profiles that you come across have a blue check, as if it were a verified from Instagram or Twitter. You can also have it to make that other person see that it's you and your profile is true, that there is no trap or cardboard, come on.

On Tinder, you can verify your accounteven if they only know you at home. It is just a sign that you are the person behind that profile.

Por eso we are going to teach you to verify your Tinder account so that your profile stands out in the face of the application and other users who find you. Something that can make you have many more matches on Tinder thanks to the security you show. To achieve this you will have to do the following:

How to verify your Tinder account:

  1. Open the Tinder app and tap on the icon that takes you to your profile.
  2. Click on the gray check mark which you will find near your name and age.
  3. Click now on 'Verify your profile' to start the whole process that the app asks you to do.
  4. To achieve this you will have to take two selfies in a certain way, the application tells you how you have to do it, do not worry.
  5. Now confirm and click Send for review.
  6. Finally, you only have to wait for your profile to be verified and later you will find that you have achieved the blue check.

I hope that at this point in the article you are already something more expert or expert in Tinder. Now go get a match thanks to these tips!

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