Parchis Star tricks: how to win the games

How to play parchis star

These are the best tricks for Parchis Star and thus win the games in this online multiplayer where we can even chat while we are playing a game. These types of games with a great social aspect are having a great acceptance and the more than 2 million reviews in the Play Store indicate it but well.

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Parchis Star is a game developed in India and available internationally. As it is a game that we all know because of how simple it is with that dice and that circuit that we have to go through, we are facing a great base to take a 2 to 4 player real time game. Go for it.

What is Parchis Star

Parchis Star is a game published by Gameberry labs on the Play Store, a studio based in India and that has been able to allow millions of players around the world to enjoy this mythical board game. Like other board games, Parcheesi is played quite simply and is on everyone's lips because of how easy it is to get into a game and thus even meet new people.

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Parchis Star is like base a multiplayer online game for 2 to 4 players in real time. That is, you will have to wait for the movement of the other players until it is your turn. In that waiting Parchis Star even offers a chat so that we can chat and have fun while we lose or win.

In that chat even we have the option of using emojis and entertaining the waiting times while the opponent rolls the dice to move his token. A fun game that means that we can even make strategies to win game after game.

First tricks to advance our chips

Parcheesi game

The basis of the game of Parchis is that we have 4 tiles of one color that we have to take to the goal. For this we have to be very attentive in the strategies and in the movements.

A token has to reach the goal

Above all try that when we move a token, it is not just after a piece of one of the opponents. That is, we do not leave it in a blank space but in one of the bases to "protect" it.

A token to protect the former as if she were her "bodyguard"

This is one of the most important principles to be able to progress and to be ahead of our opponents. Another important aspect to take into account in our movements is to carry a token, which we could call as the protector. That is to say, that it is in charge of being the second to arrive in case the first or main one, was not able to arrive when being eliminated by an opponent.

Attentive to movements

Y we repeat that we adjust the movements well. Since if we stay close to any of the opponent's pieces, they, if when throwing the dice they give just enough to land on our square, we lose it. Which will force us to pull the previous tab called the "protector" or the "bodyguard."

It is because of that if we have to put any of our chips in "danger", let it be one of the last or more delayed. This strategy can also help us to move chips closer together and try other more "risky" strategies, which would be with the first ones that are closer to reaching the "goal".

Double run

And just like we apply these strategies to defend ourselves, we have to count that our adversaries are in them. That is to say, if they are unlucky with the number drawn with the dice, perhaps they will stay ahead giving the possibility, and always with all the luck in the world, we are the one who draws the right number to eliminate any of their chips.

Safe sites

The spaces that allow us to keep our chips in a safe place are the gray ones and the color of the same team. So we must always count on them to be the bases to which we have to go to center our strategies. Of course, you always have to pay attention to the fact that if we put ourselves on a starting base, if any of the opponents rolls double dice of 5, they can easily eat any of our chips placed on that base.

Playing as a team

If we play a 2V2 game, there are several tricks we can use. Especially a well-known one and that is to eat the chips of our «friend». That is, we eat the friendly chips, and then we can move the chips together to become winners.

You also have to try to get one of the two team members to arrive first, so it will be the central axis of our strategies when we are playing in that couple mode against another couple.

Using the pearls in Parchis Star

Parcheesi Star

Another option we have, and is let's say with the «game currency», is to use the pearls. Let's say that if you have difficulty progressing and you go last, since you are not having luck with the dice on a fateful day, we can use these pearls or "pearls" so that we can roll the dice again.

Of course, the pearls have their limits and in a game we can only use them 6 times. It would not be understood if it were not like that, since anyone who could pull the card, since we are facing a freemium with micropayments, would be almost unbeatable and would become a hated "pay to win". And if it is "pay to win" we hardly have the opportunity to face the so-called "whales" (and who use thousands of euros in these micro-payments to advance or win).

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As other freemium games, we can get pearls or the game currency watching advertisements. We also have another option to send pearls to our contacts to also receive more pearls and thus be able to choose to win some games when we use them at an appropriate time.

Imagine in a moment that we are at a crucial moment in which we are approaching victory and in a roll of the dice we are within 1 to be able to eliminate the opponent's piece. We can pull the pearls to repeat the roll of the dice and thus cast luck so that we can win the game.

In this case pearls are also the developer's way of monetizing their game and can receive in return the reward that more than 2 million reviews have been published by the players of this game called Parchis Star.

What other things do pearls give?


The pearls are also worth to acquire skins for the chips in Parchis Star, so if you want to identify yourself or be different from the others, it doesn't hurt to save a few to get those cool skins that this ludo game also offers.

Other tricks

Beware of safe sites

It must also be taken into account that the safe boxes is not that placid space in which we can rest a bit of the tension of the game. We say this because if we plan to create barriers in those safe squares, if we get a double number in a roll of the dice, and break it as a result of that action, we can leave one of our pieces almost "naked" before the opponent.

We can say the same about the safe squares of the opponents in which we have to spend as little time as possible before something serious happens to any of our chips.

Variations in the total sum

Another great trick is opt for variations in the roll of the dice. We can say that if we roll a 5, it can be with a dice of 2 and another of 3 and vice versa. We say it because it can be better to move in this way and always have this strategy when adding the dice.

Progress faster

The blue batteries will help us progress more quickly and reach a higher level in Parchis Star. That is, it is another possibility that we have to progress and of course through micropayments to get those blue batteries.

These are some of the basic strategies that you have to consider when you play this game called Parchis Star and that it continues to have millions of players. Now you have to practice them and be the best of the games.

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