How to use the Chromecast without WiFi

chromecast without wifi

Today we explain how you can use chromecast at home by connecting it to the mobile connection of your smartphone. And it is that the Google device only works if it is connected to a WiFi network, sending content from a mobile to a television as long as both are connected to the same network. With this trick we explain how use it without being connected to a WiFi network.

Carrying out this trick is really simple, and It consists of making the Chromecast believe that it is connected to the WiFi network To make it work. To do this, you will have to resort to the shared connection method of your mobile and in this way create an access point that has the same data as your home WiFi network. Doing this will be enough since once the Chromecast is configured, it will automatically connect to that “false” access network.

The Android access point or shared connection is a function that allows you to create a Wi-Fi network with your mobile although the difference is that this network is created from the mobile data of the SIM card of the device. It could be considered as a WiFi network that you can remove and add whenever you want so that other devices connect to your mobile network without the need for routers or other SIM cards.

Before doing this trick, the first thing you should do is write the name and password of the WiFi network to which the Chromecast is connected. Always remember to change the name and password to the one that came by default, and if you don't remember what the password is, you can find it out through the methods that Windows gives you to recover it. Keep in mind that if there is a cut in your WiFi you will have to have this data written down.

Use Chromecast without WiFi with Android

chromecast gadget without wifi

This trick you can do it through creating a shared connection. For this reason, the first thing that B does is go to the Android Settings menu, then click on the Network and Internet option to find the shared connection options. Here keep in mind that this option will be in the same section or not, it all depends on the manufacturer. If you don't see the Network and Internet option then the best thing to do is use the settings browser.

when you areI enter the Networks and Internet section then click on the My WiFi zone and Internet Sharing option, this is what connection sharing is called within android. Note that this is vendor dependent as you may see options with a different name, but these are usually called Hotspot or Tethering.

More steps to follow

chromecast gadget without wifi

When you are inside this section, click on the WiFi Zone or Shared Connection option (this depends on the name that the manufacturer has assigned to this option). It is also possible that others have other similar names such as USB or Bluetooth connection sharing, but these are not the options we are looking for in this case.

Within this WiFi Zone or Connection Sharing option, the first thing you have to do is create an access point using the same name and password as the WiFi network to which the Chromecast is connected. This step is very important, it is necessary that they are the same data without changing any letter or number. When you have created it, activate that access point.

In this way, if you no longer have the WiFi network but the access point you have created has the same name and password, when you turn on the Chromecast it will automatically connect to the access point as if it were the previous WiFi network and therefore you can continue using it. Although keep in mind that the cost of the data will be applied to your rate, so be careful when playing a lot of videos or music, otherwise the cost will be too much.

What if you have an iPhone?


You can also do the same with an iPhone or iPad, although the process to follow is a bit more complicated since iOS does not allow you to manually change the name of the access point. In this case you will have to change the name of your iPhone since the shared connection will use the same name. To do this, first enter the device Settings, select General and then Information, where you must click on the first option where the name of the phone appears, change it and write the same name of the WiFi network to which your device is connected. Chrome cast.

When you have changed the name of your iPhone to the name of the WiFi network your Chromecast is connected to, Go back to the Settings menu of your device, click on Internet Sharing that you will see the first options in the connectivity section.

You will then enter the connection sharing configuration window. Then you must perform two steps, first click on WiFi Password to change it to the same one on your WiFi network to which the Chromecast is connected. Now all you have to do is activate the button next to the Internet Sharing option.

Once you activate connection sharing, iOS will make you select which type you want to use in the pop-up window. Here inside, click on the option Activate WiFi and you will have the access point created.

From here if you do not have the WiFi network activated, but the access point with the same name and password of the WiFi network is activated, when you turn on the Chromecast it will automatically connect to the access point and you can use it as if it were the Wi-Fi network. Although keep in mind that the cost of the data will be applied to your rate, so be careful when playing a lot of videos or music, otherwise the cost will be too much.

More tricks to squeeze your Chromecast

chromecast logo without wifi

Another interesting Chromecast trick is within an audiovisual content application such as Netflix or HBO Max, when you are within the tab of a series or movie you will see that it allows you the option to mark the content as seen in addition to being able to rate it. In this way, Google will have more knowledge of what your tastes are and can make better recommendations.

 Google Assistant is your friend

El Chromecast has a very important part in its interface, and it is Google Assistant. This seems to be increasingly integrated into the Chrome TV, since the same control has a button dedicated to it to be able to use it as voice control or also to search with the assistant.

Therefore you just have to tell the assistant what you want to see and where so that it opens the application you have requested and search it for content. This option is really useful and quick instead of entering the application and searching through all the content.

You can ask Google Assistant what you want, as well as ask it to write something you need and therefore act as a keyboard. This method works for you within applications and also for Google TV, especially when you want to search for applications. Just press the Assistant button to see the number of options you can ask Google Assistant.

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