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Social media has become more than just a hobby for many millions of people of all the world. One of the fastest growing in recent years is Instagram, a page that Facebook acquired on the 9th of 2012 for about 1.000 million dollars from the one who is today its founder.

Images play a prominent role on Instagram, many today publish content of this type accompanied by a part of text. What does not go unnoticed by many is an image, that of the profile photo, which usually looks small, but can be enlarged if you want.

The question of many is that of how to see profile picture Instagram larger and more complete, this usually always has an answer, yes. Today there are many pages and applications available that allow you to do this, all always thanks to development and technology.

How to add a photo to your Instagram profile

IG profile picture

The first step is to know how to add a photo to the Instagram profileRemember to put one of decent quality, since the social network will ask for it of this type. As with other networks, not just any works, the quality prevails over whether it is large or not.

The first thing is to choose an image, remember to see its properties, see if it has quality before putting it as a profile photo in the account. Always put a personal one, if you decide to put one that is the one that represents youIt is also valid, but the best thing is to show your face in this social network.

To add a profile photo to your Instagram account Do the following:

  • Open the Instagram application on your mobile device
  • Look for the icon that represents the account, it will show a blank person icon
  • At the top of the name it will show an empty box, click on it and click on the "+" symbol
  • Once you have clicked on the "+", choose the photo you have selected, do not select the camera, since you will want a photograph with the front camera, click on "Album" and then on the folder where the image is located, click on it and wait for it to load
  • Finally, click Save and you will have the profile photo image, remember to have saved it in the highest quality, which will make it look bigger without losing quality

View larger profile photo

Instagram photo

Any social network allows you to see the profile photo in a larger size of which it is visualized at first glance, but in some occasions it tends to lose quality. Instagram does not allow you to view the photo in a larger size despite clicking on it, the reason is not known.

Today there are several applications and web pages that come up with this solution, that of being able to see the image of any profile larger, as long as they are in public. If they were private profile photographs, they will not be able to be seen, it will be necessary to have the permission of the specific person.

Many pages have so far been able to reveal full-size profiles, but some applications have been able to do the same job, all in a matter of seconds. The profile photo is a main element in an account created on the social network Instagram.



It is one of the best pages when it comes to viewing the profile of one of the many millions of Instagram users, we are talking about Save-Insta. You can see the person's profile, but also the ability to download it, see the larger image and other extra options of the app.

With Save-Insta we can make the biggest profile picture on Instagram in two ways, either online from a PC browser or from a mobile device's own browser. One of the most compatible is Google Chrome, known to come standard on most Android devices.

To carry out the process with Save-Insta, do the following:

  • Access the Save-Insta website first through this link
  • Now enter the name of the account, copy the nickname or alias that the person uses, remember that what you want to see is the profile photo in a larger size
  • Once you have completed the step, enter the name and then click on the "View" button
  • After this, the profile image will be displayed, as well as some important data, that of the publications published by the user, followers and the people who follow the user. You have the option to download the image.
Instagram search
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Despite taking less time, Instadp is a good solution if what you want is to download the profile photo image from any Instagram contact, as long as it's public. Besides, Instadp gives the option to download stories, videos and the famous reels from the social network Instagram.

Like Save-Insta, the main page is simple while practicing, this allows us to get to the point, to download those that interest us. If what you want is to see the larger profile photo just enter the username and do little more than a few steps to do so.

Instagram logo
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The steps to see the largest profile photo on Instagram are as follows:

  • The first thing is to access the Instadp page, you can do it through this link
  • Once fully loaded, use the box to enter your Instagram username and press the enter key, either from PC or phone
  • It will load the profile image of that person, To see it in full, click on "Full Size"
  • Pressing on the button will show the image in full screen, now it gives you the option to download it to the PC / Phone



We start with the applications, those that usually save us and a lot when it comes to facilitating our work, especially when downloading files, whether they are audios, videos and images. InsFull is a well-known application that can be used to download the Instagram profile photo in full size.

Insfull is easy to use, as if it were a page, but with an installable on our phone to use it as many times as we want. To use it we will need to log into our Instagram account, it is necessary to be able to use it, it may be a negative point, but some ask for this requirement.

An important point is to be able to download the profile photo in a medium size, especially visible when it comes to being able to see it without having to be on Instagram. The resolution of the photographs is not too high, despite that it is the one with which it usually comes out on average in pages and apps.

Insfull - Big Profile Photo
Insfull - Big Profile Photo

Big Profile Photo

Big Profile Photo

An application to make what we are looking for in a simple way is Big Profile Photo. It focuses specifically on downloading the profile photo, it will do so on the allowed resolution, which is sometimes around 150 x 150 or 200 x 200 pixels, in addition to having other outputs, but they tend to lose quality.

If you are looking for a simple and free application, it is probably the one you are looking for, since it allows you to do everything in two steps. It usually works similar to that of web pages, to enter the name (user nickname) and click on the downward-facing arrow to download it.

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