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Stories or stories are one of the most popular functions on Instagram. Many accounts actually upload stories daily, but rarely update the posts on their profile. These stories are something that are automatically deleted after 24 hours, something that also helps that popularity on the platform. That is why many want to know if it is possible view stories on instagram without account.

That is, can I see someone's stories on Instagram without having an account on the social network? This is possibly a question that many have, since they want to see the stories of someone on the social network, but without having an account, as if you access that profile from the browser on your computer, for example.

The reality is that we can see stories on Instagram without an account, although we have to use some tricks or methods for it. Fortunately, there are ways in which this is possible for anyone. So you will not have to worry in this regard. If you wanted to be able to see a user's story on the social network, it will be possible, even if you don't have an account yourself. Of course, this is something that we can only do with those profiles that are public on Instagram. It is not something that we are going to be able to use if we want to see the stories of someone with a private profile. Since this is something that is only reserved for people who follow that account on the social network.

One of the reasons some people want to see stories on Instagram without an account, it is so that the person who has uploaded that story does not see that we have seen it. When we open a story, the person who uploaded it will be able to see this. This is something that many want to avoid, so seeing them without an account is presented as a method to consider. In any case, the options that we give you below will let you see stories from people without an account or without them seeing it.

Airplane mode on Android

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An option known by many to be able to see someone's stories on instagram without them knowing, is knowing when to use your phone's airplane mode. By doing this, we can see a story without leaving any trace. This is something that surely interests many, when they do not want that person who has uploaded a story to know that we are seeing it at a certain time. In addition, it is something within the reach of any user.

What we will have to do is open Instagram on the phone, place us then in the home feed. We have to wait for all the stories that we have available to see at that moment to be displayed, something that we will see at the top of the screen in the app. Among them will be this story that we want to see without being detected. Once we see that these stories have been loaded, we then activate the airplane mode on our phone.

When we have activated this airplane mode, we can then open these stories or history that we want to see. We will be able to see it without any problem, without the person who has uploaded it seeing that we are seeing this content. Once we have seen them, we must close Instagram on the phone before putting it back in normal mode, before deactivating this airplane mode. In this way we have seen stories without that other person knowing.

IG Stories

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Stories IG is a website that may sound familiar to many users. It is one of the best options when we want to see Instagram stories without an account. Since on this website we can see those profiles normally. It is also an option that we can access from any device we want, because it is entered from the browser, making it something especially comfortable in this regard.

What we have to do is go to the website of IG Stories. The operation of this web page is something really simple. In it we have to enter the name of this user's account in the social network, without using @. Then press enter and we can see all the stories that this account has uploaded in the last 24 hours publicly. If it is a video, we have to click on the Play button located at the bottom left to play it.

This reproduction or visualization of the stories or videos is done anonymously, without the person knowing it. In addition, you will not need an account to be able to see these contents.


Instagram search

Instadp is another of the best known options in this field. This is one of the best ways to be able to write a story without having to have an account on the social network. In addition, this is an option that gives us additional functions, because we can download these stories, videos or content that this account in question has uploaded to the social network. We will not have to use other apps to be able to download the contents, thus being something especially comfortable.

The operation is very simple, as in the previous case, since we will only have to enter its website, in Instap. On the web we will have to enter the username of this person on Instagram. This is something that is done without using the @, and we press enter once we have typed that name. When we have given these data, we will be able to see a complete record of this person's account, as if it were Instagram really. Then click on Stories to access the stories.

In this option we will be able to see the profile of this person in the social network. You can see his posts, the Reels he has uploaded, as well as his stories. If we want to play a video, we click on the Play button that is displayed on it. Also, you will see that Below each video we are shown the option to download. So we can download content without any problem, if there is something we want to have.

Stories Down

Another option to view Instagram stories without an account, which may sound like some, en Stories Down. It is a web page where we will be able to see the stories and videos that some account on the social network has uploaded, of course, only a public account. The operation of this website hardly changes compared to the previous ones. Since we will have to search for the username of this person, so that we can see their available publications.

As with the previous option, Stories Down also allows us to download these stories that this account has uploaded on Instagram. So using this option we will be able to download said content to our computer or phone in a simple way. Also the videos that this account has uploaded can be downloaded. In both cases we are shown that there is an option to download next to said content, so we can do this in a simple way from the web.



This is a name that may sound familiar to some users. As the first trick on the list, it is something designed for people who already have an Instagram account. The idea is that through this extension you will be able to see the stories that the accounts upload on the social network without them knowing. In other words, it is a way to view accounts anonymously, which is something that undoubtedly interests many users on the platform. Since it works as a kind of incognito mode within Instagram.

In this case, it is an extension that we are going to download in the browser. This extension is compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, available in the two extension stores of these browsers. Therefore, you will simply have to proceed to download it in the browser. Then the extension icon will appear in the upper right part of the screen, thus indicating that the extension is already available in the browser.

The idea is that when we open Instagram in the browser and want to see a story, let's click on the Hiddengram icon first, so that we pass to that anonymous mode. By activating this extension, we will be able to see the stories of these people on the social network without them knowing. It will be something that happens totally anonymously. That way we won't have to worry about these people knowing that we're seeing that story they've uploaded. Once we have finished seeing these stories that interested us, we just have to click on the extension icon again, to exit this incognito mode that we have used with it. It's really easy to use, so if you want to watch stories without them knowing you're doing it, you can use it in your browser.

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