VSCO: what is and how does this app to edit photo and video work

Today, we can find a great variety in applications for the photo editing. But when it comes to more professional jobs, the usual thing is to turn to Lightroom, which offers very good tools, and with a little effort, good results. But if what you are looking for is precisely this professional result, you should know that it is not the only application that exists, because you also have VSCO.

Gone are those years when good photos were only achieved with the most professional cameras and good programs were on computers. Now, in the palm of your hand, not only you will get great captures with mobile phoneBut you can improve them much more with this photo editor.

VSCO logo

What is VSCO?

Surely you have ever heard of VSCO, but you have not stopped to pay too much attention to it. If you faithfully follow an influencer on Instagram, you will see that the quality of their photos has nothing to do with yours. What you should know is that the edits of their photos are not always done by professionals, but they have done them themselves.

When his followers ask, the answer that the most times we have found is that they use VSCO. And is that the application available on Google Play has a good variety of tools. Well, if you did not know yet, this app is not only a photo editor with which you can experiment to achieve the best results. In addition, it is used as a social network, in the style of Instagram, in which you can connect with a whole creative community.

VSCO interface

This is the VSCO interface

To know a little about its interface, you should know that at a semantic level, has as main support Instagram. And we can see that it has a framework that helps users to recognize the basic elements of editing. Some of the signs are not easy to recognize, which changes when you use them.

If we go to the syntactic level, The app has a perfect action-object syntax for users who do not have much experience, and want to edit both a photo or a video almost like professionals. That is why its functionality is basic in terms of editing.

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Going into the pragmatic level, we see that the aids are evident in the application function. To give an example that makes everything clearer, we have the levelers used for the task, such as the "color saturation" option. When you move the leveler to the left, you are subtracting color saturation from the image, and sliding to the right, more color saturation.

Use and VSCO

The VSCO Chamber

The VSCO application is not only a tool for editing photos, it also has its own camera, which is quite competent. It may not be the most complete when it comes to manual options, but despite this, it offers us results that are quite acceptable.

But of course, if you want to take a photo as quickly as possible to edit it immediately in VSCO, the best thing you can do is use automatic shooting, which works as well as the vast majority of camera applications that are installed do. by default on devices.

Its strong point: the filros

We already know that filters in photo editing apps are not very popular with professionals. This has a reason for being, and that is that users use them in any way on social networks, with results that are obvious, they are not the best. But the truth is, if you learn to use them with knowledge, they can become a magnificent tool, which will allow you to save a lot of time during the post-production process.

At VSCO we have a great variety of filters, more than in any other editing application, and they are all splendid in taste. You have everything, black and white, vintage look, warm, saturated and much more. Almost anything you want to find, you will be able to have it in this application. Most of them are available with a basic subscription, although you can get many more through the store.

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Once you have chosen a filter, you do not have to stay with that result, because these will allow you to edit their intensity to soften what could be an overly marked effect. In some of these filters you will see that you can edit many other parameters, so you have an impressive range of options.

You will see that you also have the typical parameters for the correction of an image. These are the saturation, contrast or exposure. There are also some advanced tools, such as perspective correction, which can be vertical and horizontal.


Has a tool for video editing

With VSCO you can not only edit your best photos, but also videos. This app tool is based on SENS, which is a real-time image processor that was created by the company itself. This is capable of supporting any type of video format, and without restrictions regarding its duration, or its size. You have from 30 FPS at 4K up to 60 FPS at 1.080p without problems.

Android Video Edition
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The operation of this tool, which was one of the latest additions from VSCO, is very similar to what is already known for photo editing. Click on the Import option, and you will see that you have two options, Images and Videos. Choose video, and you can edit it by adding filters that you have by default in the app or edit it manually so that it is completely to your liking. Of course, editing videos has a cost, although you have a 7-day free trial, then you would pay 21,99 euros as a subscription per year, which would mean an expense of 1,83 euros per month.

How to edit videos in VSCO

When VSCO incorporated the option to edit videos, published a post in which he explained how you could do it. At that time, it was necessary to update the app, although now, as soon as you download it, you already have the latest update. Open VSCO and go to Import, here you will see two options, the one for Images and the other for Videos. Choose the latter and you will be able to see all the ones you have in your storage. .

Select the one you want to edit, and you can now use the standard edition and add contrast or saturation automatically. Although you already know that you can edit manually or with the filters you already have. By the end, you can save the video in your gallery, VSCO will export your work to the memory of your terminal, and it will not leave it in VSCO Studio.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
Developer: VSCO
Price: Free
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Screenshot Editor
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Screenshot Editor
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Screenshot Editor
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Screenshot Editor
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Screenshot Editor
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Screenshot Editor
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Screenshot Editor

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