Why Instagram closes itself and how to fix it in 2023

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Has Instagram been closing on its own lately? Is the application crashing a lot and running very slow? Don't worry, you are not alone in this. Let Instagram close itself It is something that happens to many users, more often than you think. Although this can be very annoying for them.

Keeping Instagram open on your phone can sometimes become an odysseto. The popular social network has an annoying habit of closing unexpectedly, leaving you frustrated and preventing you from using it when you need it most. So that this no longer happens to you, we created this tutorial. We are going to give you a series of tips that you can follow to try to fix Instagram closing by itself all the time.

The most common causes why Instagram closes itself

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The reasons why Instagram closes on its own are varied, but they are usually due to temporary problems in the app, internet connection failures, or errors with the phone's cache memory. Whatever the cause, constantly closing is very annoying.

Fortunately, this problem has a solution and there are several simple tricks you can follow to prevent Instagram from closing unexpectedly on your mobile Android or iPhone. First, it is important to understand why this may be happening. Instagram constantly closes for several possible reasons. These are the most frequent causes:

  • Connectivity problems and irregular internet connection. If you have a poor WiFi signal or a mobile data connection, Instagram may have difficulty loading and end up closing.
  • Need to update Instagram to the latest available version. When a new Instagram update comes out, the old version sometimes starts to crash, causing unexpected crashes.
  • Problems with the cache and corrupt data of the Instagram application itself. Corrupt temporary files can cause errors and cause Instagram to crash.
  • Possible temporary downtime of Instagram servers. If the servers have problems, the app will not be able to connect correctly.
  • Little storage space on your phone. If the phone memory is full, Instagram will not work well.
  • Problems with Android WebView. This system app sometimes causes crashes in other applications like Instagram.

Solutions to prevent Instagram from closing by itself

So what can we do to try to fix it? Whatever the reason, there are solutions to prevent Instagram from closing on your mobile. Let's go step by step.

Check your internet connection

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First check if your internet connection is working well. Make sure you have a good WiFi or mobile data connection. If not, Instagram will have problems working.

If it still doesn't work, restart the router or modem unplugging it for 5 minutes. This will restart the WiFi connection and may help. Also try turning data on and off.. You can even try to connect from another WiFi network like a neighbor's.

Update Instagram to the latest version

It is also important to ensure have the latest version of Instagram. Go to the Play Store or App Store and check if there are any pending Instagram updates. New versions fix bugs.

Restart the mobile

Another simple trick is restart the mobile turning it off completely and turning it back on. A simple system restart can fix many temporary issues like Instagram shutdowns. Turn the phone off and on to see if this fixes Instagram closing itself.

Update Android WebView

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If you are an Android user, this part will interest you. An application that few update is Android WebView. Makes sure that apps with Google work well. Sometimes this system app causes conflicts in other apps. Update it to fix buggy versions.

Check the status of the servers

If even with everything Instagram continues to fail, it is possible that Instagram servers are temporarily down. If Instagram servers are down, the app will not be usable. Confirm the status on pages like Downdetector and wait.

Clear Instagram cache

Another solution is clear instagram cache, which are temporary files that become corrupted. Corrupt temporary files can cause crashes. In Settings, go to Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache.

Free up space in your mobile memory

If your phone has low available memory, Instagram will crash. Delete apps, photos and files you don't uses.

Reinstall Instagram

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And if nothing works, as a last resort, completely uninstall Instagram and download it again from the app store. This should fix any problems.

Keeping Instagram stable on your mobile is possible if you follows these tips. Identify the cause of the problem and try step-by-step solutions. You have seen them in this article. It is almost always due to temporary errors that can be easily resolved by updating apps, restarting the system, clearing cache or checking the connection. With a little patience and research, you will be able to stop Instagram from closing on its own on your Android or iPhone.

We hope this tutorial has helped you fix Instagram closing by itself.

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