Is it possible to install Internet Explorer on Android?

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One of the doubts that many users of the Google operating system have is whether it can be have Internet Explorer on Android. We are talking about the well-known Microsoft browser and that it comes pre-installed in the different versions of Windows. But can this browser really be installed on your phone?

To know the answer to this question, you just have to keep reading to see if you can install Internet Explorer on Android. And it is that, although you do not believe it, it is possible to enjoy IE on your mobile, although with limitations.

Internet Explorer is not available for Android

internet explorer android

No one can deny that Microsoft's browser for Windows has taken giant steps to become one of the best alternatives to Chrome, the most used browser worldwide. The truth is that a few years ago Internet Explorer was in the background because its usability offered a terrible user experience.

Internet Explorer is slow, IE is stuck, connection problems ... The list of errors related to Microsoft's web browser kept growing, causing millions of users of this program to jump to other solutions. Yes, it is true that Chrome consumes a large amount of RAM. But no one can deny that the Google browser in its desktop version goes like a shot. Not to mention the large number of complements or add-ons that you can install to get the most out of it. As a sample, this article where we show you five extensions for Chrome on Android that should not be missing.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Not to mention other tall solutions. On the one hand we have Firefox, Mozilla's web browser that boasts a simple and intuitive interface, as well as not consuming as much RAM memory as Chrome. And we cannot forget Opera, another of the best web browsers for Android that has all kinds of elements to make a difference with its rivals. The most remarkable? The free VPN that it integrates so you can surf in the most private way.

Years passed and Internet Explorer fell into oblivion. Yes, fewer and fewer users were using this web browser, as it worked really badly. Luckily, the Redmond-based company started listening to users and realized that a turn of the wheel was needed if it wanted to save its web browser.

EThe first step they took was to launch Spartan, a name change to move away from Internet Explorer, a browser that had been the object of ridicule by millions of users for years. And finally, Microsoft surprised with Edge, the latest version of its browser and that, why deny it, it works like silk.

And of course, seeing how well it works It is normal that you consider installing Internet Explorer on your Android phone or tablet. Well, we fear that there is no IE application for the Google operating system. Be careful since in the Google Play Store you can find variants that have been created by unscrupulous users and whose objective is usually to steal private information, or at least harass you based on ads and more ads.

So if there is no Internet Explorer for Android, is there no way to install it? We are afraid that we will not. And of course, after reading this, you are most likely worried. More than anything because There are a few web pages that, to this day, only work if you run them using Internet Explorer.

Open web pages on Android that need Internet Explorer

Web browser

As we said, there are many pages that can only be opened using Internet Explorer. And considering that there has never been an IE app for Android (It is also not available in the IOS operating system of the iPhone), you will think that there is no way to navigate using a mobile phone. Nothing is further from reality.

Some browsers allow you emulate through the developer options, so that any web page believes that you are browsing using Internet Explorer for Android. So this is the solution to be able to open pages optimized for Internet Explorer on your mobile phone or tablet.

Of course, keep in mind that the most popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Opera) do not have this functionality, so you will not be able to use them to emulate Internet Explorer for Android. Don't worry, we know an app that will allow you to surf the Internet in the best way.

Dolphin Browser, the best alternative to Internet Explorer for Android

The solution is through download and install Dolphin Browser. To say that this browser has always been the best ally of iOS users, the operating system of Apple's iPhone. the reason? The company with the bitten apple never offered support to be able to use flash web pages through Safari, the native iOS browser. And beware, the reason is as simple as that Apple founder Steve Jobs and Adobe had different disagreements when they launched the first version of iOS, so the mind behind the iPod and other genius of the company decided to start a cold war.

So many users bet on Dolphin since, although it is true that it was not created to emulate the operation of other browsers, it does have this option within the browser settings. You will see that one of them says "Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Trident / 7.0; rv: 11.0) like Gecko".

In case you didn't know, Gecko is the rendering engine used by Internet Explorer, so using this user agent you will be able to visit any page that requires Internet Explorer without any problem. And while it is true that flash pages have their days numbered since no current browser supports it, with Dolphin you will not have any problem. Therefore, while it is true that you cannot install Internet Explorer on Android, there is a way that you do not notice this lack. What are you waiting for to install Dolphin Browser on your phone!

Dolphin-Browser: Private
Dolphin-Browser: Private
Developer: Dolphin Browser
Price: Free

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