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The popularity of social networks has made many users inhabit it for a great majority of time. One of the most popular right now is Instagram, even the one preferred by many of the well-known influencers, who have decided to use it for many reasons ahead of Facebook.

Instagram has managed to reach high numbers when it comes to keeping users active, important for it to remain number 1 in sharing photos with a little text. The popular social network has been introducing numerous improvements, such as Stories, among many other new features.

We are going to show you how to see the Instagram profile photo in big and complete, all this in a simple way, either with pages or applications for Android devices. The most visible image of the user is the one shown in the profile, seeing it in full will depend on whether the user uploads it like this.

Traditional method

Instagram Luis Munoz

The normal method is without using any type of application, valid with the Android and iOS application, all without having to use any page or application. If you want to enlarge the photo of the Instagram profile from anyone is the fast method, the classic from the application / web.

To access the larger, full-size profile photo do the following: access the application on Android / iOS, go to "Stories", click on the text, write the username and once the image appears, click on it to enlarge it. It will only be seen in a larger size if it has been uploaded by the author.

The uploaded images usually have a pixel size that can range from the face only to the whole body, expanding it if it is of a medium size could lose quality with apps and pages. Instagram allows you to see it as long as the user is not a private account.

Big Profile Photo

Big Profile Photo

To view the large and complete Instagram profile photo you can use applications. One of the best when it comes to enlarging the image is Big Profile Photo. It has a simple use, it goes to fixed shot by having to enter the username and follow a few steps.

Big Profile Photo is a totally free tool, ideal for those who want to save images of profiles from the Instagram network in two or three steps. Among its pros, the speed of loading and the ability to download in an unlimited way make it one of the best rated in Google Play.

To download a photo in Big Profile Photo Do the following:

  • Download and install the application from the Play Store
  • Grant the corresponding permissions to use it
  • Add the name of the user, with the alias is enough, if you want to hit it you can use the @juntoasunombre
  • Once completed, the image will appear in a large size, just below it shows the "Save" button to store it on the phone, it is best to create a specific folder to have all of them in order. You have the option to share and to "Like"



A popular page to view the full size Instagram profile photo is Save-Insta. It is one of the most visited sites when carrying out this easy process, ideal if you want to see as well as download, you have the option of sharing the image if it is interesting for one or more people.

The web shows the images in their full size, if it does not measure too much it will give the normal result, since if it increases it, quality will be lost. Save-Insta is a complete page since it has many interesting extra options, among them it is possible to save videos, photos, reels, stories and everything from the social network.

Among its characteristics, Save-Insta is in multiple languages, including Spanish. It is a website that over time has improved in loading times, visual improvement and adds new features throughout the life it has. You just have to enter the alias to show all the information about the person.



Instaprofile is advertised as a page for view the full size photo of any Instagram user. It shows a simple interface, that's why it is usually very successful, you just have to enter the alias / nick of the person and wait for the profile photo to load in large.

As with other pages and applications, Instaperfil will show full-size images only of those profiles that are public. Speed ​​is one of its pros, while it has no cons, since it does the work of others by just entering the @yelnick from Instagram.



It is one of the solutions that millions of people have used for many years. Installed It is sold as a website that allows you to download everything from Instagram, apart from enlarging the profile photo to full size. Allows you to view and download Reels, Stories, videos and photos from the popular Instagram network.

Like other pages, Instadp has a user search engine, just enter the "Username" and wait for it to load to work on it. It is fast, it also gives the option of downloading the photos one by one, as well as enlarging images and many other options that it offers at first glance.

Instadp has evolved, it shows a dark look instead of white which is usually warm, although its appearance is seen by people looking for an all-in-one solution. Despite being in English, it shows a simple use and is ideal for all types of people.



The application has been created to view the profile picture in full size of any account, everything as long as it is of a public uncle and not a private profile. Insfull is an easy-to-use tool like the others, enter the person's alias in the username and wait for the options to load.

In addition, Insfull allows you to search for people by name as well, the images displayed are in high resolution, giving the option to download. The zoom is 8x, the saved files will be stored under the name "username.jpg" on the phone, being able to rename them once they are already available.

It is one of the functional applications today, with a similarity to Big Photo Profile, being fast when executing user profiles. The app is free, the evaluation is 3,6 out of 5 stars. Image crashes and loading have been fixed.

InsFull - large profile photo
InsFull - large profile photo



It is an ideal platform to download the profile photo in full size without the need to install any application on the mobile phone. IGDownloader is an important service within the pages, it is just as effective, viewing public profiles and downloading all the content you want, without limits.

It allows to see the avatar, the profile, the known Reels, among other details of the users that you usually follow and those that you do not know because they do not have them added. The Web IGDownloader It is practical, especially it is suitable for the users you are looking for by simply copying the alias and pasting it to the search bar.

It is a safe site, you can only see the public profiles and not the private ones like any other, although if you follow it you can use the traditional method to view and download the full size image. In the upper tab it shows you all the options that you can perform with its downloaders.

Insta Large Profile Photo

Insta Bing photo

Known as Inst Big Profile Photo, the app usually displays the photos of the Instagram profile in full size, giving the option to download it and share it with other people. It is quite well known, to this is added the possibility of doing more things within it, such as downloading Reels, videos and much more.

If you have several images uploaded to your profile, the one that is positioned is usually downloaded at that time, you can also download other photos, videos, stories and additional things with Inst Bing Profile Photo. It is an application with a low score within the Play Store, but it does its job like the most.

One of its strengths is that it has the search history, ideal if you want to go directly to those you tend to occasionally habituate to. You do not need registration, it is free and has a powerful search engine. By entering the username you will find the specific person.

Insta Large Profile Photo
Insta Large Profile Photo
Developer: BuildApps
Price: Free

Zoomy Pro


The ideal tool if you want to enlarge your profile photo and see it bigger, it works well with Instagram, but also with other family apps. ZoomyPro is a free application like all those mentionedIt is one of the best rated, with 4,1 out of 5 stars (it is the highest in the store).

To see the photos in high quality you have to subscribe, so the ideal is to do it if you want the highest quality in all the downloaded images. Despite obtaining 10.000 downloads, it is one of those recommended for its ease of searching for different users within its search bar.

Enlarge IG profile photo
Enlarge IG profile photo
Developer: The EU
Price: Free

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